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Eric My latest tattoo.

brother tribute tattoos

My latest tattoo. It's from a photo of him, taken by one of his friends. I always loved the photo and knew that I wanted to get this done, and I finally did.
Portrait - Bruder Story: This photo

ideas for brother tattoos

Story: This photo I've taken during a sunny summer day at the pool by my sister in law. Now, a few weeks later, I've looked trough my photo sets and this portrait of my brother stood out of all other. I've turned the photo into a B&W one and made some smooth adjustments of contrast and sharpness. Technical Information: Canon EOS 400D with EF-S 55-250mm Copyright © Sven Kellenberger. All rights reserved. Please note that the fact that "This photo is public" doesn't mean it is public domain or a free stock image. Therefore, its use without written consent by the author is illegal.
Payton OOAK repaint of

tattoo dragon brother

OOAK repaint of Tonner's Brother Dreary with handpainted dragon tattoo
Prying open my third eye Jon's Tool tattoo.

arm brother tattoo

Jon's Tool tattoo.
Pride My third tattoo

brother tattoo designs

My third tattoo in 2 weeks
indios tattoo Explore: 12.14.2008 #123

tatuagem dos brother

Explore: 12.14.2008 #123 View On Black A group of photography enthusiasts, the Flickristasindios, will have its first photo exhibit entitled "The Indios Experience", on December 15 to 19, 2008 in TriNoMa, Quezon City. The Indios is an assembly of Filipino Flickr members bonded by their love for life through photowalks and charity works, weekly get-togethers, and most of all, by their serious passion for photographic art. The exhibit will showcase the works of these men and women ranging from the mundane to the surreal, from snapshots of daily life to the unexplored and magical worlds, and everything else in between. -.bullish
A Vapid Transit (left leg) This

brother and sister tattoo photo

(left leg) This reminds me of my sister and brother. Of free life. Of good life. Of independence. Of the pursuit of finding the never ending life to our dreams. Inspiration (right leg) This reminds me of my mom and dad. Of struggle. Of sacrifices. Of time. Of anything really significant that made me what I am today. Original photo of Mr. Ashi Fachler . Done by Opao Yanson . First Ink p*ksh*t emo. hihi
twin hearts my brother Tom

brother brother tattoo

my brother Tom tattoo tom ink by Terri Morgan So Cal Tattoo
Love these two : ) My niece and

brother sister tatoo

My niece and nephew at Wrightsville Beach.
Brotha & Sista Layla Biana &

brother sister tattoo

Layla Biana & Matheus Biana during short movie filming
Apprentice You know, I'm

brother tat

You know, I'm starting to prefer bw. (This is a re-post)
Nothing beats it this is my

brother tatoo

this is my brother, Kirby. he got this tatoo during sinulog 2010 by just using a pen ;]]

Three random tattoo ideas

Savannah's Sparrow Did this tattoo

sparrow bird tatoo designs

Did this tattoo on my wonderful cousin Savannah's forearm. This was the first tattoo I did on a family member since I've been a tattoo artist. It took me awhile because of all the tiny little lines and places to fill in. But I really enjoyed doing the tattoo. Savannah sat like a champ!
 quique patiño

flordeloto tattoo

quique patiño