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andrusha and dennis two wonderful cousins

brothers tattoos designs

two wonderful cousins 'little rascals'
Carlos From a shoot

shirtless brothers

From a shoot with Carlos, a breakdancer from Halifax.
Brothers_5871 <a href="">Zbyszek</a> &amp;

tattoo between brothers

Zbyszek & Marian "Bliźniaki" Park Moczydło. Wola, Warszawa, August 22th 2010
Max I've known Max

tattoos between brothers

I've known Max since before I lived in Minneapolis because he used to play in my friends band and spent quite a bit of time in Nebraska. Now that we're both in the same city we like to hang out occasionally and most of the time I end up feeding him and we just do whatever. Almost every time I hang out with Max he takes me to places in the city that I've never been before. Last night we went to a tower that overlooked minneapolis, and then we snuck up a rickety iron ladder to the top of an apartment building downtown and chilled on a rooftop. Max called the view "the screen-saver"... it was a pretty sweet view, and it even showed the time and temp! haha I'll have more shots up later :)
Barbwire You can never

tatoo brothers

You can never escape this one year of your life...
Sabrina's B'day Allison worshiping at

brothers tattoo

Allison worshiping at the shrine of Mario Bros.
The Best Sleeve Ever - Mario Villain Montage She's funny, too.

tattoo brothers

She's funny, too.
The Grave Brothers The Klub, The

tattoos about brothers

The Klub, The Gaff, London, March 2009
The Grave Brothers The Klub, The

tattoos for brothers to get

The Klub, The Gaff, London, March 2009
love creates something v5 ©Scott BeLew/Scotty B® that was not

tattoos gallery brothers

that was not there before.....0_o Nothing in this broken world with ever tear us apart...For my brothers and sisters at A.S. ~ Nikon Coolpix 4600
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Three random tattoo ideas

Reaper (Cover Tattoo design) This is a

irezumi sketch

This is a Design I've done to cover the Awful Tattoo I had done back in the early eighties , I've got a tattoo of a Bat hanging from a skull but it didn't quite turn out how I designed it .....It's pretty faded now so I traced the design onto some tracing paper from my arm and did this Reaper design to cover it ....Hopefully it will work out alright , When I get chance to have it done !!!
Bobby's Forearm While <a href="">Steve


While Steve Byrne was a guest artist at Rock Of Ages Tattooing, Bobby got his forearm tattooed!
Jeffree Star Jeffree Star
Anna Nicole

tattoos jeffree star

Jeffree Star Anna Nicole Smith Tribute at HERE Lounge West Hollywood, California 24.04.07