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tattoo brush

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Ferbs-FramedAlibi-OUT_OF_STOCK-120209 Ferbs Cosmetics Alibi

tatto brush

Ferbs Cosmetics Alibi Setting Powder temporary tattoo cover up. Used to blend and protect temporary tattoo cover up.
Complex Addicted - Oct/Nov Issue (5) One of a

brush pen tattoo

One of a series of illustrations produced for the Oct/November issue of Complex magazine. The illustrations were used as the background for of a five page feature on lifestyle, travel, accessories and products.
Aces High Copenhagen Finest

old school tattoo brush

Copenhagen Finest
Screen prints by TWO RABBITS STUDIOS 20"x13" $30 Read more:

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Day 51: New tattoo Done by Amanda

brush stroke tattoo

Done by Amanda Wachob from Daredevil tattoo in NYC
Body Painting by Roman Spring Scream 2010

paint brush tattoos

Spring Scream 2010
Huck Magazine - Lizard King Editorial illustration of

brush on tattoos

Editorial illustration of Mike 'Lizard King' Plumb for Huck Magazine's Counterculture issue (on sale 3/9)
Morgane's shoot - Goddess diana / Artemis Here's a preview

second life tattoo brush

Here's a preview of the prize you will find at Morgane Batista Poses in the This is totally me Hunt, in may. The archer's bow & arrow (1 sculpt) will also come with the pose. Skin and makeup from Oceane Hair from Purplemoon Scarves from Lelutka (please don't hate me for chopping your scarf hehe) Feets from Slink Moon created with PS brushes.
036/365 Today was one

tattoo brush photoshop

Today was one of those bad days when everything goes wrong. Except being so sick I couldn't even make it to the bathroom couple of times, I spent all day crying about the most stupid things, and biting my nails so badly that now I have to wear plasters wrapped around each finger. I can't wait to get Effexor (the "To Hell and Stay There" Drug) out of my system! I find it impossible to wean off this poison though, and it's only been what... 4 days? Excuse my bad language but this shit should be banned :( My today's Flickr activity - two comments and one flickrmail. Bad, I know. I'm sorry, guys! I will try to catch up with you tomorrow! Thank you for all your great comments as always! Also you may have noticed that I haven't really been "speaking" through my photos recently - that's because I

Three random tattoo ideas

Sufi music Drums at qadiri

tatto belief

Drums at qadiri gathering. Irbil , Iraq.