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Blonde Goddess A recent photos

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A recent photos shoot with a lovely blonde model. What do you think? You may recognize this model from the set B&B Babe although a little curvier now after some new breasts.
Porschia Some old shots

piercing butt

Some old shots from a shoot a while back.
DSC_0060 - Sassy Assy models All of the

pornstar with tattoo on butt

All of the Sassy Assy models pose together for fans.
DSC_0334 - Teagan Presley Teagan Presley looking

pornstar with butt tattoo

Teagan Presley looking smoking hot in a Rolling Stones bikini.
DSC01854 Another girl who

tattoo under butt cheeks

Another girl who went all out on her get-up. Well done! Her name on Flickr is Magdalena Fox, seen here: www.flickr.com/photos/makeupbykara/ . She's a make-up artist, budding photographer, costume designer and Burlesque performer. Go to her profile page if you wish to hire her for modeling, costume and make-up work, or if you just want to see more photos of a pretty girl. :-) Also, standing to Mag's right is Jenny C'est Quoi, a fellow Burlesque dancer who's quite the dancer, from the handful of seconds I got to witness.
Girl buying sunglasses, no. 158 Ava's friend trying

butt girls tatoo

Ava's friend trying glasses.
IMG_4353.JPG November 23, 2007

heart butt tattoo

November 23, 2007 Occoquan, VA
Day 7: Impromptu photo session We threw up

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We threw up a black backdrop and some naked photos of Ari with Daddy before his circumcision. He HATED having his clothes off, but we got some of my favorite photos in this quick shoot. He's a squirmy little thing and would not let us pose him!
Military Pin-Up Beauty Pageant 58 Military Style Pin-Up

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Military Style Pin-Up Beauty Pageant Event: Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo, 4th annual Manchester NH July 23rd, 24th and 25th Links: www.livefreeordietattoo.com www.facebook.com/pages/Manchester-NH/Live-Free-or-Die-Tat...
Cheetah Model: Ariel

butt piercings

Model: Ariel
2012-09-08 5DIII Florida Keys 295 post jet ski

butt tattoos with thong

post jet ski ringing out of the hair - Islamorada, Florida
Baxter Photoshoot 3 The train is

gallery butt woman

The train is coming!

Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo detail pellicola 400 sviluppata

tattoo maschere

pellicola 400 sviluppata 800
Come along with me, just about a barrel of fun. 34:365 August 3,

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34:365 August 3, 2008 Sunday Night Another very lazy day. I've decided I like these pictures, and I will include my tattoo in every one, because well I love it. I also like that I don't have to own any lipstick besides lipgloss, and with photoshop, I can have on any lip color I want. I was listening to my only surviving CD, "Salty Dog" from when I was 15. Actually I think I have Motley Crue, Dr. Feelgood also. "Without You". Takes me back to 8th grade summer. Oh to be young again. When I was 15, I was the worst teenager alive for like a 9 month period. I stole all my mom's alcohol, and replaced it with water. I hitchhiked to Hollywood every weekend from Orange County, got really drunk, and hung out on Sunset with all the skinny boys who wore make-up, and were in bands. Wearing skimpy clothes, and pointy boots with like 8 buckles. We collected the most flyer's e
Thigh Tattoo Done 12/27/12 at

thigh tattoo for me

Done 12/27/12 at Millennium Tattoo in Newburgh, NY www.melissaodonohue.tumblr.com