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foto carpa azul

EDGE TATTOO ESTÚDIO Obrigado pelo apoio dos meus Amigos, clientes e as pessoas que gostam do meu trabalho, e obrigado pelos comentarios também! Te amo Me"Nynna" linda! _____________________ Avenida dos Andradas 2287, sala 1305, Floresta, esquina com Contorno, ponto de referência Frigorífico Perrella... E fica a dois quarteirões do Boulevard Shopping HORÁRIO DE FUNCIONAMENTO TERÇA A SEXTA DE 10H AS 20H. SÁBADO DE 10H AS 17H. AGENDAMENTOS POR TELEFONE (31) 2531-2809 • ADD LÁ FACE BOOK • PARA CURTIR • PERFIL II DO ORKUT • COMUNIDADES DO ORKUT • ORKUT • FOTOLOG • MY SPACE • FLICKR
braço carpa zá Carpa - Braço/Ombro

carpa perna tatto

Carpa - Braço/Ombro
Japonés : carpa, peonia y fondo con olas ( trabajo en proceso ) R&R Tatuajes by

tatuajes carpa koi

R&R Tatuajes by Renato C/ Alemania,61 0034 - 828014095 0034 - 625169034 / 677387766 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
tattoo carpa com dragão 2ª sessão

carpa fechamento oriental

2ª sessão
... Arte e tattoo

cobertura tatoo carpa

Arte e tattoo exclusivas para o cliente.
Fundo de mar msn:

tatuagem peixe carpa

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Three random tattoo ideas

Portrait of Harajuku girl Taken on the

harajuku girl tattoo

Taken on the bridge immediately off the subway station in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.
SXSW 2007: Cruiserweight (Urny Maxwell) Some things you

texas stars tattoo

Some things you can pretty much count on, and here's one: if I'm here at SXSW , then I will be seeing Cruiserweight . I first ran into them about seven years ago in a short opening slot in Central Park, and everything about their show completely worked for me. I caught up with them later that week downtown - at Arlene Grocery, if memory serves, at some ungodly last-minute hour of the morning - and they were still good. They don't get up here all that much, so I try to catch them whenever I'm down there. The band is a snappy pop-punk outfit made up of Stella and her brothers Urny and Yogi, and their friend Dave. As much as singer Stella is always a blaze of motion under the lights, guitarist Urny is always a blaze of motion in the darker corners - it's hard to do him justice in photographs. Switching to black and white gives me a little more room to shoot in. Cruiserweight expects to be
taí a fênix pegando fogo valeu, Zé, pelo

fogo para tatuagem

valeu, Zé, pelo trabalho bonito pra caramba! (mais de 4 pessoas, só no dia que eu fiz, me perguntaram onde eu fiz)