Castelo - Tattoowise

 Canon New F1


Canon New F1 Canon FD 85mm 1.8

Three random tattoo ideas

foot tattoo my own two

tattoo on foot words

my own two feet almost 2 years old.
09/17/2007: Cluracon and His Nemesis Here's Cluracon, a

stag back tattoo

Here's Cluracon, a rakish bisexual emmissary from the kingdom of Fairie. Think James Bond, but with pointed ears. Here, he appears to be puking up a stag. In reality, he's giving birth to his own nemesis, who will spend the rest of the series trying to bring about his destruction. Kevin loves the fact that the inside of my bicep is going to be this big deer. "That's a Michigan tattoo right there" is pretty much his exact quote.