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 Canon New F1


Canon New F1 Canon FD 85mm 1.8
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Three random tattoo ideas

034/365 Genuine This is my


This is my friend Danny. If I had to pick one word to describe him, it would be Genuine. He has a genuine style and he is a genuine friend. Thanks for helping me get a picture today Danny! Check out the alternate shot too. Camera Info: Canon 7D, Canon L 70-200mm@100mm, f/11, 1/200s, ISO 100 Strobist Info: See setup shot here. Canon 430EXII Camera Left behind subject, 1/2 power, @105mm zoom, fired bare, 3 feet high & 12 feet away from subject. Canon 430EXII Camera right and front of subject,1/2 power, @28mm zoom, Black Back Reflective Umbrella, 8 feet high & 4 feet away from subject. Flashes triggered with Interfit Strobies.
nyc+venice beach xpro double-x diptych. 2008. may + october

type letter tattoo

may + october 2008. times square, nyc at night + venice beach, ca daylight. double-exposure, cross-processed diptych. 1960s olympus half-frame PEN-FT, zuiko 38mm f1.8. entire roll of konica SRM200 slide film double exposed and then cross-processed. best viewed as a slideshow. lab: A&I color, santa monica, ca. scan: noritsu koki lab scan, A&I color.
Luiza How much are

tattoos brazilian

How much are you loving the expression on the guy's face?