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Three random tattoo ideas

Anry birds tatoo on my hands Anry birds tatoo

just you and me

Anry birds tatoo on my hands. It just lasted for 5 days.
Out on a Limb! Yesterday I when

art tattoos

Yesterday I when out for a day trip shooting with Nicky. She wanted to a do a shoot so i could teach her boyfriend a few tricks using amibent light. So me being me i wanted an image for my self so i took my kit and me and nicky created this image. I wanted to achive a puppet style manipulation image. So Nicky styled herself and we went to a derelict location i know. Damn was it wet and boggy but I think it was worth it. I love her pose and with 3 hours of photoshopping joints, tattoo's and general treatmant i have my image. I really like this a lot, love the fact the image was in my brain and now it's real. :-) The reason I wanted to shoot this image because i'm entering it into a competition. Hope you all enjoy it. Strobist info: GM400 cam left 45 degree from camera, shot through a 22" beauty dish @1/8 and a GM400 using a 8 inch reflector very high above and behind subject @ 1/4 power.