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Find comfort in yourself so you can deal with it... Title from "Find

tatoo cat feet

Title from "Find Comfort in Yourself" by Midtown. 3//365 So I realized my 365 are going to lack a little on weekends. For those of you wondering why that is, it is based on having no time to really think out, take, and edit pictures. Most Saturdays in my life go something like this: go to bed around five in the morning, get up and work job 1 for six to eight hours, try to get an hour or so nap in, get ready for work, work job 2 from about 10pm to 5am. See what I'm talking about? I have ZERO free time. Hopefully get to better stuff early in the week. Temperance was ready to play when I got home from work.
skull eagle these are just

tattoos old cat

these are just a sample of our custom works.
Cat Tattoo The most hilarious

cat tattoos weird

The most hilarious tattoo ever. That's some guys leg.
george cuddles up waiting for my

photos paws cat tattoo

waiting for my laundry to dry with boy george the cat
Roaring Tribal Tiger Art by Sherrie

tribal cat

Art by Sherrie Thai of
TillDeath Detail Cushion is unique

cat and butterfly

Cushion is unique and hand sewn. Can be brought online at
leg when kittens were finished with it The other leg

tattoo leg cat

The other leg is just as bad, I do wish they would not use me as a climbing frame
Abby's ear the tattoo means

what is the tattoo behind the cat ear

the tattoo means she has been spayed
Pips van der Palloz Destroy everything, human!

paws with cat tattoo

Destroy everything, human!
sidney sleeping Little Sidney taking

sleeping cat tattoo

Little Sidney taking a nap in my arms, Lucy just out of the shot . Taken in Oct 07 when they were tiny. This was just a couple weeks after my shoulder surgery (my right arm was in a sling), they were my recovery/late birthday/early xmas presents from Terri :-)
Day 165: My Tattoo This is my

black cat tattoo designs

This is my only tattoo. I got it in 1995 or 1996, I can't remember which. It hurt like hell! I haven't been brave enough yet to get another. Maybe some day.
Chrissy Loves Andy! Late night antics

cat fun tatoo

Late night antics with Chrissy and Andy Piper! Who has the cutest little smushy kitty face ever?! Chrissy & Andy Los Angeles, CA February 2010
46/365 Just my foot OK, I took

cat tattoos for your foot

OK, I took this picture on Thursday, but was having CF card trouble and had a hell of a time getting this off the card. I'm also really pissed...because this is not at all what I had planned on for the 365...but by the time I went to take the picture I wanted my card stopped writing. FUCKING TECHNOLOGY! Damn it!
Catching the dragon Sjinzu likes to

cat tatuagens

Sjinzu likes to lie on our shoulders, here he is lying spread out on my boyfriend's shoulder.

Three random tattoo ideas

Xcese - Iluminati View On Black

gallery ring tattoo

View On Black (Recomendado) Por favor, no pongáis invitaciones a grupos ni imágenes... Gracias No group invites or pictures please... Thanks
tatuagem letras amor eterno no pulso Tarzia tattoo -

nome no pulso

Tarzia tattoo - tatuagens artÍSticas guaianases - sÃO paulo/Sp erick tarzia