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Anarita Droukas | MFA Onion - digital

art tattoo catalog

Onion - digital photography, 9.5" x 14.25"
Anarita Droukas | MFA The Sitter -

tattoo free catalog

The Sitter - digital photography, 9" x 13.5"
fresh ink [by frank @

catalog de tattoo

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
fresh ink [by frank @

catalog tattoo

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
KAYMUTO 2008 Summer Collection Model: Michaela Stella

tatoo catalog

Model: Michaela Stella Bagnoli
fresh ink swollen. [by frank

tattoo catalog

swollen. [by frank @ depot town tattoo]
my favorite part [by frank @

tattoo catalog free

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
Teela_3081s Samples from a

tattoo picture catalog

Samples from a recent catalog shoot for a Goth online store. Model is Teela.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Day 345 | The Wall I have a

black beauty tatoo

I have a really cool wall in the studio but I don't see it often cause my Whiteseamless paper is blocking it. I did another Diy in my studio, bought curtain rod mount to hold my seamless paper so I don't need to use a background stand anymore(which consumes almost 3feet of space) Will do another shoot with this wall again then back to seamless paper. Strobist info: Sb-600 thru DIY 18” Beauty Dish with sock above subject @ 1/2 Two Studio Strobes back left and right of subject thru softbox @ 1/16 I always wonder if sum1 is actually reading this? Sb-600 back of subject with stofen omnibounce @ 1/2