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Anarita Droukas | MFA Onion - digital

art tattoo catalog

Onion - digital photography, 9.5" x 14.25"
Anarita Droukas | MFA The Sitter -

tattoo free catalog

The Sitter - digital photography, 9" x 13.5"
fresh ink [by frank @

catalog de tattoo

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
fresh ink [by frank @

catalog tattoo

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
KAYMUTO 2008 Summer Collection Model: Michaela Stella

tatoo catalog

Model: Michaela Stella Bagnoli
fresh ink swollen. [by frank

tattoo catalog

swollen. [by frank @ depot town tattoo]
my favorite part [by frank @

tattoo catalog free

[by frank @ depot town tattoo]
Teela_3081s Samples from a

tattoo picture catalog

Samples from a recent catalog shoot for a Goth online store. Model is Teela.
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Three random tattoo ideas

naaaruuu quaseee pronta! minha tatto em

tattoo naru

minha tatto em progresso ficando pronta eu coloko aki vlw ^^'
 *All rights reserved*

yellow name tattoo

*All rights reserved* Some people have been asking for pictures from my engage-net. Here it is, for starters. No, this isn't MY hand. View On Black
Self-Portrait: Post-Holiday Blues Self-portrait taken a

horizontal tattoo

Self-portrait taken a few days after returning from London. Indirect natural light. Final image made from stacking a darkened, somewhat desaturated, high-contrast duplicate layer at 54% opacity over the 'normal' image.