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Life is a circus Foto realizzate per

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Foto realizzate per il catalogo delle creazioni di Giulia Sogna Foto e Post-Produzione: Monica Sportelli Modello: Michele Abiti, Make up e accessori: Giulia Sogna Location: Tempio di Cecilia Metella
XTORM catalog Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo

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Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo da marca campineira XTORM
Miskeen Fotos de catálogo

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Fotos de catálogo para la e-shop de ropa urbana Closet Urbano. Facebook: Closet Urbano (próximamente
XTORM catalog Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo

catalogo tattoos

Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo da marca campineira XTORM models: Ellen Rodrigues, Lívia Cury
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Three random tattoo ideas

Front after first session Done by Jesse


Done by Jesse Tuesday at his shop, Tuesday Tattoo in San Francisco- -Jesse is amazingly easy going and a 3 hour session goes quickly, if not painlessly.. This little creature is from a medieval drawing and was Jesse's idea. I had told him i felt a medieval illuminated manuscrips/botanical feeling would be good and the creature turned out to be a great way to bring that feeling. It also brought the tattoo to life a bit and I think illustrates the whole idea of protection and shelter I feel the blackberry embodies so well. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest brought me many encounters with blackberries. I love the memories of the long hot hours we would spend picking the berries and trying our best not to be poked. We would take the fruit home and Mom would make jam and sauce enough to last 'till next season
IMG_6624eflickr Ogden, UT @

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Ogden, UT @ Grounds for Coffee
Original Art by Julio Rodriguez

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