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Life is a circus Foto realizzate per

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Foto realizzate per il catalogo delle creazioni di Giulia Sogna Foto e Post-Produzione: Monica Sportelli Modello: Michele Abiti, Make up e accessori: Giulia Sogna Location: Tempio di Cecilia Metella
XTORM catalog Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo

catalogo de tattoos

Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo da marca campineira XTORM
Miskeen Fotos de catálogo

catalogo de tatuagens

Fotos de catálogo para la e-shop de ropa urbana Closet Urbano. Facebook: Closet Urbano (próximamente
XTORM catalog Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo

catalogo tattoos

Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogo da marca campineira XTORM models: Ellen Rodrigues, Lívia Cury
Day 59/365

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Three random tattoo ideas

sun ohm tribal tattoo addition Dublin ireland tattoo

ohm tribal

Dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto' added sun tribal and ohm to fit existing tattoo work nicely
happy birthday to me artist: suluape steve

geisha tattoo com

artist: suluape steve , owner of pacific soul tattoo. Geisha: The word literally means 'art person' Geishas are immaculately and sumptuously dressed in ornate and expensive kimonos. Not a strand of hair is out of place, their white facial make-up is perfect. Their manners are not only impeccable but delicate and calm, in keeping with the ideals of feminine beauty that they embody. In modern Japan, geishas have been transformed into symbols of traditional values. In the west, the geisha has become a symbol of the exotic grace and beauty of the East. happy birthday to me.
Portrait 365/181 Andrea, Anchorage, Alaska

alaskan tattoo

Andrea, Anchorage, Alaska (Photographed with available light and a 24-105 mm lens)