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Dragons Celtiques Sur mon bras

tattoo celtique

Sur mon bras gauche
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Three random tattoo ideas

Dan #2 This is Dan,

dan tattoos

This is Dan, he's a piercer at the tattoo shop in my town. This portrait was taken as a reference for a painting I'll be doing as part of my Fine Art A2 Course.
djminor44 DJ Minor Tasty

tribal tattoo artist

DJ Minor Tasty Squirrels Tattoo 12537 Jones Rd • Houston, TX 77070 • (832) 343-7964 www.TastySquirrels.com www.kantreed.com www.myspace.com/djminor www.inkednation.com/djminor Check out my wife's tattooing at: :http://www.myspace.com/canvasjunkie
FLY, FLY AWAY www.etsy.com/shop/alittlerummage

nautical bird tattoo