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Sur mon bras gauche
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Three random tattoo ideas

Press 138 (7), Jul 2007 The most important

tattoo design in illustrator

The most important media industry mag in Poland. The photo was taken by Zuza Krajewska, talented photographer and a longterm friend of mine. Taking photos was the only fun in it. I was kind of expecting that they'd ask for an interview when Exklusiv won its first Grandfront Award for one of its covers (I was the editor in chief at the time it won), but I did not expect it to be that traumatic experience. I really felt like a little kid slapped by the Poland's media giant. It left me exhausted and sad. No more posing for covers! Never. I'd much rather draw them myself. the whole interview: www.press.pl/press/pokaz.php?id=1388 Zuza's (and Bartek's) photos, including a lot of fantastic shoots for Exklusiv: photo-shop.pl/photoshop.php?id=2&f=2&g=portrait
harry potter love, (Explored) more than 10

luna tattoo

more than 10 days I did this one. one of my favorite tattoos EVER. Harry Potter is life, did i said that already?? hahaha Update: Just had my first EXPLORED. Yay. Excited and happy :D Thanks everyone for being here!