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Dragons Celtiques Sur mon bras

tattoo celtique

Sur mon bras gauche
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Three random tattoo ideas

Heathen Tattoo, Sleipnir An example of

asatru tattoo

An example of a religious tattoo used in Heathenry / Asatru. This one belongs to Horsa of the Chiltern Kindred. The artist was 'Woody' who owns a tattooing studio in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The image shows Odin's eight legged horse 'Sleipnir'.
A Wilhelm Scream Nuno Pereira.
@ VD+

tattoo melodic

Nuno Pereira. @ VD+ Mexico, 2010.
Nanga Parbat Base Camp [Explored] Explored #12 :D

tattoos gallery nature

Explored #12 :D Nanga Parbat, whose name means 'Naked Mountain', is the ninth highest mountain in the world, and the westernmost mountain of the Himalayas. Its vast snowy face is a powerful spectacle when seen from the arid Indus Valley, approaching the mountain from the west. Here the mountain towers in isolation over 22,000 feet from the valley floor. The mountain is easy to reach (The Karakoram Highway approaches the base of the mountain from the north), but is not so easy to climb. Unstable glaciers and frequent storms and avalanches have proved hazardous, most notably to the German party who first attempted the peak. Herman Buhl successfully reached the summit, but this was only after having lost eleven climbers and fifteen porters during the ascent. Many other climbers have subsequently been killed on this mountain. Elevation (feet): 26,658 Elevation (meters): 8,125 Range: Himalay