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Sur mon bras gauche
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Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo First tattoo...

o gatto tatto

First tattoo...
Stranger #3 This is Kenton.

tree tattoo artist portland or

This is Kenton. He is 23 years old, living with Zoe(Stranger #2) in Portland. His favorite food is fish curry, and his favorite place is Refugio Beach in southern California. He likes music and playing stringed instruments along with traveling. If he could change one thing about today's world, he would want people to be more compassionate and less ignorant. He feels people lack empathy for one another in general. Something that makes him unique is that he has spent the last four years as a traveling musician around the US. A dream of his is to be the first man to play the guitar on the moon. Two words he used to describe himself were 'Imaginative' and 'Listener' because he spends a lot of time daydreaming and he has spent a lot of years training his ear to pay specific attention to sounds. He believes all sound is music and including people just talking. Enjoy! *Sorry for posting so late at night, I just got home from a super busy day around town.