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Portrait of a Lao Monk Yes, the thing

why so serious tattoo

Yes, the thing that strikes many visitors to Laos, besides the beauty and solitude of the place, is the incredible number of Buddhist monks walking around. Dressed in those trademark saffron robes, you'll easily spot them walking in pairs, usually with an umbrella in hand to ward off either sunrays or raindrops. In the early morning hours, when they make their daily alms rounds through town, it seems as if a wave of orange is flowing down the streets. Their lifestyle is shaped so as to support their spiritual practice, to live a simple and meditative life. Photo taken at a temple at Ban Thieng. We had to run during our bike ride for a heavy tropical rainshower. Lucky we were passing a local temple where we could shelter. We had a friendly chat with the local people and monks. Lao monks are very friendly and approachable. We donated some money to this Buddhist community. Most people d
This Is Hell Playing The Crown,

bandana tattoo flash

Playing The Crown, Middlesbrough. Its been a fair time since I photographed a club show. The full set will be up at www.thrashhits.com. packed with plenty of jump shots.