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Albanians kick ass first... and THEN ask for permission

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They wanted me to take a picture of them showing off their tattoos. At the top of the Stratosphere, these two guys asked if I would take their picture. I said sure, and then asked if they would take mine. I took pictures of them. They took the photo of me alone. Then they asked if I knew who they were. I said no. They asked if I had heard of the show "Jackass". I said yes. They introduced themselves as Bret and Andy. I asked if they did the stunts and they said sometimes but mostly they were the guys in the background watching the stunts. They said they had an appearance to do in Vegas later that night. They did "nice" photos and then they wanted to do a "scandalous" photo. So I said I'd open my shirt but only opened my jacket - it was so cold I had about 3 shirts on underneath. So that's why the funny poses. I have never seen them on tv before or any photos so I don't know if they were telling me the truth or not. Hopefully they were.