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Picture 112 Albanians kick ass

tattoo by chai

Albanians kick ass first... and THEN ask for permission

Three random tattoo ideas

Listen 166/365 “Silence is

listen tattoo

166/365 “Silence is so accurate.” - Mark Rothko Strobist: Lumedyne bare off wall behind model at full power, SB800 full power on camera bouced of ceiling, triggered via sync. My strobist lingo sucks. ;)
98/365 || Ta Moko FGR: Stick That

tattoo maori tongue

FGR: Stick That Tongue Out TRP: Ink Yourself I think Maori tattoos are the best in the world, because there is a story behind every tattoo they wear. Only the men can wear a full facial moko ....... well .... I feel like a guy sometimes :-)
tattoo tattoo done by

urge tatoo

tattoo done by Jeff at urge studios in Victoria B.C. For my son Oliver.