Chai - Tattoowise

Picture 112 Albanians kick ass

tattoo by chai

Albanians kick ass first... and THEN ask for permission

Three random tattoo ideas

vamp2 i did this

tattoos of name with crown

i did this on sean, my housemate in melbourne
<<my gentle dragon>> My 3rd tattoo

female arm tattoo ideas

My 3rd tattoo left upper arm :)
You can change the world With your own

tattoo grime

With your own two hands... This is the hand of Dean . It tells a part of his story. You can tell a lot about a person by their hands. The lines, scars, dirt under their fingernails...its all part of what makes them, you and I special. Dean may be one of the most unique, incredible, yet tortured souls I have come across. A story for another day.