Chamorro - Tattoowise

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Saipan - love & death life explained on

chamorro tattoo

life explained on my uncle's arm.
More Pork Store contemplation Saturday mornings can

chamorro tattoos

Saturday mornings can be moments of decompression from a week of hard work and general life busyness and rushing. We gathered at the Pork Store Cafe for some much-needed coffee and breakfast action. My friends are not used to my intrusive camera lens, and avoided looking at me. Rudy contemplates blackened ahi tuna burger and a hot weekend ahead.
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Three random tattoo ideas

AINU FAMILY in AINU KIMONO Ca. 1904 photograph

old japanese tatoo

Ca. 1904 photograph by H.G. Ponting. Ponting loved Japan, but HATED how the Japanese Government treated the Ainu. Of course, the Ainu were in Japan way before the Japanese showed up (just like the Okinawans had Okinawa all to themselves before the Japanese invaded that Kingdom and messed things up for them as well). Now, however, the Ainu, Japanese, and Okinawans are all ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY (at least according to the Japanese Ministry of Whitewashing). It's difficult to notice, but the ladies all have mustaches tattooed onto their upper lips. (Certain photographic emulsions did not record certain tattoo inks very well). Although the "Grass Roof" was standard throughout Japan, the Ainu were the only ones to build with the 'stepped" layering you see here. This pic is a half-stereoview from a large series taken by Ponting....all in 3-D.
monster6 Monster // Custom

labyrinth tattoo

Monster // Custom AiL Chloe on Soom Supergem female body I did all customizations. She has been a long time coming, I started on her last June. Thanks for the look!