Chamorro - Tattoowise

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Saipan - love & death life explained on

chamorro tattoo

life explained on my uncle's arm.
More Pork Store contemplation Saturday mornings can

chamorro tattoos

Saturday mornings can be moments of decompression from a week of hard work and general life busyness and rushing. We gathered at the Pork Store Cafe for some much-needed coffee and breakfast action. My friends are not used to my intrusive camera lens, and avoided looking at me. Rudy contemplates blackened ahi tuna burger and a hot weekend ahead.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Turkish Air Force/ Turk Hava Kuvvetleri TUSAS F-16CG Night Falcon Turkish Air Force/

turk tattoo

Turkish Air Force/ Turk Hava Kuvvetleri TUSAS F-16CG Night Falcon, 91-0011 from 141 Filo (Solo Turk) solo display at RIAT 2011, Sunday 17/07/11
Crackhead Tattoo Drawn By Jacoby at the Detroit

yoyo tattoo

at the Detroit Papa Roach Meet & Greet i had Jacoby draw me a crackhead so i could get it tattooed in between shows. a week later i met Papa Roach again in Ohio and showed it to him. our crackhead tats side by side :)
[ OooOoOooPs pt II ] Damn. Domani è

star on feet

Damn. Domani è lunedi. Non voglio iniziare la settimana. Non voglio iniziarla senza tu.