Chamorro - Tattoowise

Saipan - love & death life explained on

chamorro tattoo

life explained on my uncle's arm.
More Pork Store contemplation Saturday mornings can

chamorro tattoos

Saturday mornings can be moments of decompression from a week of hard work and general life busyness and rushing. We gathered at the Pork Store Cafe for some much-needed coffee and breakfast action. My friends are not used to my intrusive camera lens, and avoided looking at me. Rudy contemplates blackened ahi tuna burger and a hot weekend ahead.

Three random tattoo ideas

Convención arte tattoo 3. flasheando con fabro

tattoos de diamante

flasheando con fabro ahi
jap horror sleeve we used different

tattoo sleeve japanese geisha

we used different images with a japanese twist and added reds and whites to finish the piece and took about 3 months to complete
Maybe his Threadless t-shirts are at the cleaners. this guy is

hot arm tattoos

this guy is a Threadless model.