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Saipan - love & death life explained on

chamorro tattoo

life explained on my uncle's arm.
More Pork Store contemplation Saturday mornings can

chamorro tattoos

Saturday mornings can be moments of decompression from a week of hard work and general life busyness and rushing. We gathered at the Pork Store Cafe for some much-needed coffee and breakfast action. My friends are not used to my intrusive camera lens, and avoided looking at me. Rudy contemplates blackened ahi tuna burger and a hot weekend ahead.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Raw like Sushi 3 Got it filled

coi tats

Got it filled in yeah! Freehand design by Bill Hysterical Tattoo Ellicot City MD. Koi Tattoos According to Japanese legend if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate koi (also known as carp) with perserverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. as per:
Dual Dragons © Sherrie Thai

drawings tattoo designs dragons

© Sherrie Thai of ShaireProductions. Card and Sticker design. At events, I usually give this sticker out to folks after I take their photo (non-candid images).