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Fresh Koi Tattoo - Front Taken 2 hours

koi cherryblossom tattoo

Taken 2 hours after the outline was done. Took about 3 hours. Booked in to be finished black/grey in about a month! Tattoo by Glen @ Crayford Tattoo Studio
tat my tat (:

cherryblossom swallow tattoo

my tat (: olive leaves and swallow for dad, cherry blossoms for mom. may the moon rainbows hold your soul, dad. the king may be dead but the princess is a tough one... i live only in your honor and loving memory.
A New Tattoo I My new cherry

cherryblossom tattoo ideas

My new cherry blossom tattoo, by Rich at Kapala in Winnipeg, MB. After three months of waiting, it's good to finally be on my way! blogged here
 My sleeve is

cherryblossom tattos

My sleeve is so close. I can't wait to get it finished up! Artist is Frank Cherri of Cherri Bomb Tattoos in Cambridge, ON, Canada.
Cherry blossom & Hass text My cherry blossom

cherryblossom tree tattoos

My cherry blossom is a cover up of a horrible thing I got at about 16 (why???!) so that's why the flowers are clustered so closely to the trunk, but I love it, and think the artist did a great job
12 weeks I know that

cherryblossom tree tattoo

I know that it's a poor workman who blames his tools, but D60 400 ISO + gimp post-proc = frustration at least I managed to book an awesome model p.s. check out the making of:
Cherry Tree WIP Cherry tree and

cherryblossom tree tattoo pics

Cherry tree and blossom to cover up old rock and roll tattoos. My own design
Tuning In Thanks to everyone

tattoos cherryblossom

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment on my work. I really appreciate it. I used some stock photos in this composition: Speakers Old TV
Koi tattoo Just finished session

koi fish and cherryblossom

Just finished session one!
Japanese tattoo style. Gerezi lorea.
Flor de

cherryblossom arm tattoo

Gerezi lorea. Flor de cerezo.

Three random tattoo ideas

annies tat(my sister) done by
134 W


done by coolhandtattoo 134 W 238 street Bronx, NY 10463 (347) 920-2879
On his side Ta Moko Tatau

auckland moko

Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Convention 2009, Auckland
#RCT #tattoo #lotus #flower tattoo by Kirk

tattoo colour square

tattoo by Kirk Sheppard , Rain City Tattoo Vancouver BC Canada www.kirksheppardtattoos. com