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Three random tattoo ideas

Only god can judge me - tshirt R35P3C7

typographic tattos
Tattoo Tattoo on the


Tattoo on the back of a girl who also appears in the previous two photos in my stream. I'm actually really interested in photographing tattoos, both on people, and in the process of being put on people—people actually under the needle, and the tattoo artists at work. But I don't know any of the local tattoo places, and haven't worked up the nerve to introduce myself. Being totally un-tattooed, myself—and definitely determined to remain so—makes it a little extra difficult. Anyway, I'm grateful that this girl let me photograph her tattoo. The photo came out surprisingly good, I think. I've processed it into a warm grey duotone with custom curves. I also spent more time working on getting the right grey tones than I usually do. I was very directly and immediately inspired by the fantastic tones in Velvet G's recent self-portrait . His photo made me realize I'm just not getting