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' Take me anywhere,

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Take me anywhere, I don't care. I don't care.
Pronto GarÇons 6

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Zen Cuarta Convención Nacional

tattoo valparaiso chile

Cuarta Convención Nacional de Tatuajes y Arte Corporal. Valparaiso, Chile.
Tattoo Modelo: Carol Rodriguez

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Modelo: Carol Rodriguez Fotografía: Luchitomario Partner: GAST Locación: Estudio móvil
Verano 2007 Solo por cachiporreo

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Solo por cachiporreo del cambio
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tattoo girl chile

pentax sf7.

Three random tattoo ideas

everything i knew my bestfriend mery

star friendship tattoo

my bestfriend mery and me. busted was a huge thing for us when we were 13.
tattoo by jon glesss@uptown tattoo new orleans,la 575 S Carrollton

jon glessner

575 S Carrollton Ave New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 866-3859