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' Take me anywhere,

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Take me anywhere, I don't care. I don't care.
Pronto GarÇons 6

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Zen Cuarta Convención Nacional

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Cuarta Convención Nacional de Tatuajes y Arte Corporal. Valparaiso, Chile.
Tattoo Modelo: Carol Rodriguez

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Modelo: Carol Rodriguez Fotografía: Luchitomario Partner: GAST Locación: Estudio móvil
Verano 2007 Solo por cachiporreo

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Solo por cachiporreo del cambio
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tattoo girl chile

pentax sf7.

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Mankind and Flora's world Como comentaba en

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Como comentaba en la fotografía anterior, los humanos dependemos de la naturaleza y estamos sometidos a ella. Cualquier cosa que le ocurra o que le hagamos, también nos afectará a nosotros y debemos cuidarla y conservarla. No juguemos con ella puesto que puede ser tan buena con nosotros como peligrosa. As commented in the previous picture, humans depend on nature and are subject to it. Anything that happens to nature or that we do, it will affect us so we must take care of it and preserve it. Do not play with nature because it' can be as good with as dangerous. Credits go to: 09/01/2007: End Cap We're still figuring

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We're still figuring out exactly how the flames of my end cap will fade into a background behind the Dr. Blasphemy symbols. It'll probably be a gradient of some sort.