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' Take me anywhere,

chile girl tattoo

Take me anywhere, I don't care. I don't care.
Pronto GarÇons 6

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Zen Cuarta Convención Nacional

tattoo valparaiso chile

Cuarta Convención Nacional de Tatuajes y Arte Corporal. Valparaiso, Chile.
Tattoo Modelo: Carol Rodriguez

tattoo of chile

Modelo: Carol Rodriguez Fotografía: Luchitomario Partner: GAST Locación: Estudio móvil
Verano 2007 Solo por cachiporreo

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Solo por cachiporreo del cambio
hello, click! pentax sf7.

tattoo girl chile

pentax sf7.

Three random tattoo ideas

LA VENTA EVENTA & TOSL ! Starting tonight, LA

black cats

Starting tonight, LA VENTA EVENTA & TOSL. For La Venta, I chosed the new "cats love" earrings for half of their price and for TOSL on the theme of "geek chic", I chosed this chemistry inspired tattoo called : "REDOX". It is also available for half price. It starts late tonight but it's already there cos I'll be busy until the event start so enjoy xx
Tattoos by Khalil Linane- Business card  Khalil's water color

card skull

Khalil's water color skull and dagger for a new business card