Clouds - Tattoowise

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Just watch the sky... Afi lyrics come

eyes in clouds tattoo

Afi lyrics come to mind when I see this. Septum piercing looks funny here.
Camden 02 June P6025090 These first 90

skulls and clouds tattoo

These first 90 shots document my walk on June 2nd from Mornington Crescent undergound station to Chalk Farm underground station, going directly up Camden High Street and Chalk Farm Road. I didn't deviate into any side streets this time out, but next session I'll be getting off the beaten Touristy track... These new Camden photos are partly for me, but largely for research for a friend's novel.
Lancaster Bomber The Royal International

air and clouds tattoo

The Royal International Air Tattoo, 17th July 2010.
"Retro Spective" Coming to a theater near you! I got the

clouds and lighting tattoo

I got the idea of a 70s poster that turned slightly yellowish.
Four. Four arms. Four

tattoo rain and clouds

Four arms. Four hands, Four flocks of birds, Four hopes let go of, Four stitches, Four hours to make. Four. Here please. for brushes (and more), see;
Tattoo ATC 2 I made this

clouds sunshine tattoo

I made this for a Tattoo You! ATC swap I joined on Swap-Bot.
Hanakapi'ai Valley Hike

tattoo pictures clouds
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Three random tattoo ideas

RS Jun 03 thanks Heiroglyphica for

maiya tattoo

thanks Heiroglyphica for your commissions XD
After the fourth session Had my fourth

celtic tattoo leg

Had my fourth session at the Needle Art convention in Breda on May 17th. I know that's a long time ago, but I've been swamped with work lately. My artist (Sascha Sevic at Dragon Tattoo Eindhoven in the Netherlands) did some more shading and filled in most of the back of my leg and knee. As you might see, it is not done yet. In August work will continue and eventually it will connect to my backpiece. By the way, the back of my knee wasn't nearly as painful as you might imagine.