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Three random tattoo ideas

Vivendo em grande estilo Banda Cascadura -

tatuagem de ondas

Banda Cascadura - praia do Buracão.
m8 <b> Canon EOS

full arm tattoo our lady

Canon EOS 50D Canon EF f1.8/85mm USM Exposure: 1/200 Aperture: f/5 Focal Length: 85 mm ISO: 400 Speedlight EX 580 II 1/2 --> with umbrella / zoom 24mm / distance 2,5 m / + CTO 1/2 Nikon SB25 --> to illuminate the background 1/4 behind model / + CTO full RING LAMP 1200W front of model PocketWizard Transceiver Plus II
56/100 "Low" 100 Strangers I was at


I was at the Cluny a bar in the Ousburn last night for a couple of drinks for my mate Chris Harrison's birthday. My girlfriend spotted my 56th stranger (2 in 1 day) smoking a cigar in the early evening sun. I asked Chris if he knew the guy which he did and so he introduced me to him. His name is Low (as in now and not no) and he does all of Chris tattoos. I took a number of shots but liked this one for the light, smoke and ink. This is one of my favourite images from the set so far. find out more about the 100 Strangers Project by following this link; © Anthony Dorman