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Free Thought Emmanuel Hele
"Free Thought"

tattoo collage drawings

Emmanuel Hele "Free Thought" Collage / Leather / Acrylic / Book on Board 16" x 29" Sold
greenLOVE1 sacred heart tattoo

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sacred heart tattoo style painting
Car Decals 2 Gun Fan Jesus

collage tattoo

Gun Fan Jesus Fan Cop Fan Troop Fan Rock Fan Nature Fan Flag Fan Tatoo Fan SeaWolves Fan
The Garden Snake 9" x 16"

floral collage tattoo

9" x 16" Alkyd and Acrylic on Paper and Birch Panel New painting for 'Playful Extremities' at Giant Robot NY! Opens January 16th! If interested in purchasing, please contact Giant Robot

tattoo heart collage
skull tattoo 53_2879877_n near the wrist

tattoo flower collage

near the wrist
Handiedan 'Toilet/Jane Stone No.8' Mixed media.
Print &

tattoo art collage

Mixed media. Print & collage, acrylic paint & pen on paper
Close up - Two Paths - Velveteen Woman Mindy Close up from

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Close up from 'Two Paths' in the 'Suite Stretch' in my Velveteen Women exhibition, Living Arts of Tulsa, January 2012.
I am not a waitress Oil paint and

black and white tattoo collage

Oil paint and paper collage on canvas.
 No perverted comments

female collage tattoo

No perverted comments please and thank you. Im never really sure what to say here. How much to reveal. What stories from the day to tell you... I just dont know. But hey im open for questions :)
Julie . acrylic,

tattoo collage . acrylic, collage and resin on wood.
Aiko Unstoppable Waves

tattoos flower collage

Unstoppable Waves

Three random tattoo ideas

Toby's Mario World Sleeve FINALLY DONE. I've

tattoo best

FINALLY DONE. I've been sitting on this gem for months. It's been done for 4 months, But schlding conflicts for a photo shoot. Hands down, my favorite nerd tattoo ever. We decided to keep Mario pretty close to the original, but the bad guys we played around with quite a bit. As of right now, its at 3/4 of a sleeve, but fingers crossed to finish up the bottom with an underwater scene. If you are thinking of getting a Vintage Video game tattoo, please PLEASE hit me up. I LOVE um! 419-292-1990 gnarly--------------->TT Right arm, 5 sessions, 25ish hours, healed
Howl's Moving Castle/Fire & Hemlock tattoo Bad photo, sorry.

name sophie tattoo

Bad photo, sorry. Very grainy and distorted, but it's the best one I could do on my own. But the tattoo work was brilliant! Will take a better photo soon =) Inked by Kosta, at Zoo Body Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (10/11/2010). “This time she thought for an instant before she acted.” - Howl’s Moving Castle, Chapter 21: In which a contract is concluded before witnesses. “The music broadened and deepened, put on majesty and passion, and moved onward in some way, fuller and fuller. All four players were putting their entire selves into it. Polly knew they were not trying to prove anything – or not really. She let the music take her, with relief, because while it lasted she would not have to make a decision or come to a dead end. She found her mind dwelling on Nowhere, as she and Tom used to imagine it. You slip between Here and Now to the hidden Now and Here – as Laurel had once told another Tom, there was that bonny path in the middle – but you did not necessarily leav