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Free Thought Emmanuel Hele
"Free Thought"

tattoo collage drawings

Emmanuel Hele "Free Thought" Collage / Leather / Acrylic / Book on Board 16" x 29" Sold
greenLOVE1 sacred heart tattoo

back collage love tattoos

sacred heart tattoo style painting
Car Decals 2 Gun Fan Jesus

collage tattoo

Gun Fan Jesus Fan Cop Fan Troop Fan Rock Fan Nature Fan Flag Fan Tatoo Fan SeaWolves Fan
The Garden Snake 9" x 16"

floral collage tattoo

9" x 16" Alkyd and Acrylic on Paper and Birch Panel New painting for 'Playful Extremities' at Giant Robot NY! Opens January 16th! If interested in purchasing, please contact Giant Robot

tattoo heart collage
skull tattoo 53_2879877_n near the wrist

tattoo flower collage

near the wrist
Handiedan 'Toilet/Jane Stone No.8' Mixed media.
Print &

tattoo art collage

Mixed media. Print & collage, acrylic paint & pen on paper
Close up - Two Paths - Velveteen Woman Mindy Close up from

back collage tattoo gallery

Close up from 'Two Paths' in the 'Suite Stretch' in my Velveteen Women exhibition, Living Arts of Tulsa, January 2012.
I am not a waitress Oil paint and

black and white tattoo collage

Oil paint and paper collage on canvas.
 No perverted comments

female collage tattoo

No perverted comments please and thank you. Im never really sure what to say here. How much to reveal. What stories from the day to tell you... I just dont know. But hey im open for questions :)
Julie . acrylic,

tattoo collage . acrylic, collage and resin on wood.
Aiko Unstoppable Waves

tattoos flower collage

Unstoppable Waves

Three random tattoo ideas

Jaisalmer - little Rada Jaisalmer had organized

tattoo for dignity

Jaisalmer had organized for Janmashtami a costume contests for children. Boys were supposed to dress up as little Krishnas (in his cowherd outfit) and girls as Krishna s most famous lover Radha. The story has it that Krishna and Radha were childhood friends, fell in love, got separated by a very Shakespearien twist of fate, and only met after a lifetime of waiting for a much celebrated marriage.
Fanny -11- Voici les résultats

fanny and tattoos

Voici les résultats d'un plan B puisque le plan A est tombé à l'eau. Encore une fois, John-Robert Bridges m'a gâtée en me faisant rencontrer un modèle génial. Et il a eu la gentillesse de m'accompagner durant mon séjour à Trois-Rivières. De super chouettes moment passés avec lui là-bas. Merci John...pour tout :-) Fanny, un grand merci à toi...Pour ta générosité à poser pour nous...Pour ta facilité d'adaptation...Pour ta gentillesse à ne jamais te plaindre malgré le froid.
Burnout Ink - Tattoo Shop equipped by Pixeleye I BURN OUT INK

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BURN OUT INK C.B. Fine Art Tattoo Calle Bisbe Perelló 3 07002 Palma de Mallorca Phone +34 971 716 209 This tattoo studio is equipped with large Pixeleye Hot Rod & Pin-Up prints!