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Heart and keyhole tattoo by Art la

colorful smoke tattoo

by Art la mancha Gallardo at Just Deadly Tattoo Parlor
ira vampira, irina eden lilith, blue hair, pink hair, purple hair, colorful, hairstyle, blue eyes, scene girl, emo girl Scene queen emo

colorful star tats

Scene queen emo girl blue green pink purple blond blonde red black hair coontails red lips and green blue eyes colorful multicolored hair style sitemodel cute bunny ears animal ears dark angel overknees gothic punk alternative indie rock leopard print
 false focused, but

colorful stars tatoos

false focused, but i like it.
Wicked Zombie Tattoo This tattoo belongs

colorful tattoo full arm

This tattoo belongs to Tyler Crane of Metamoorephosis games. Sweeeeet. Er, I mean... Braaaaaaaiiinnnnsssss
Christian just a sneak

colorful tattoos

just a sneak peak of what i'm working on! Explored! May 21, 2010 #168
Amy Another shot of

cute colorful stars tattoo

Another shot of the beautiful Amy.
Bluebird Swing Photo, hair and

colorful tattoo behind ear

Photo, hair and costume: Sarah MUA: Dynamite Nicky
Impromptu Photo Shoot © Dragonfly Images

colorful dragonfly tattoo

© Dragonfly Images All Rights Reserved. No usage allowed including copying or sharing without written permission. Thanks!
Lotus Flower - DSCN7831 White lotus flower

colorful flower design tattoos

White lotus flower - Good morning sunshine....
shoulder flower tattoo I tattoo @Tattoo

colorful flower shoulder tattoos

I tattoo @Tattoo Boogaloo 528 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 391-1053
what i like about half smiles is that they

colorful flower tatoos

is that they reveal everything but nothing simultaneously. samigirl gives a great example here. she reveals herself to us, arms wide open hair flung back and feet relaxed. yet she reveals very little about herself. gotta love samigirl.

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