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Bruno Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota.

condor tattoo

Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota. Pré-colombiano/Bolivia.
The Black Condor Second guessing and

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Second guessing and reconsidering which one to put in my show. This one or this one.
Macro tatuaggio primi esperimenti col

tattoo condor be

primi esperimenti col 50 f/2 gentilmente offerto da olympus...
ALF Says 'Goodbye' Antonov AN-26 Condor

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Antonov AN-26 Condor
G-AYFF  Druine D.62B Condor La aviación privada

tattoo of condor

La aviación privada también se dejó ver, y mucho, en el RIAT.

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039.365 1st Marine Division

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1st Marine Division Band preparing to play at the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival in Estes Park, Colorado. Tattoo - The word means: evening drum, bugle, or piper signal recalling soldiers to quarters. The earliest form of the word is from the Dutch "tap toe" which literally means to "close the tap" of the cask in the barrooms. The modern version of the tattoo is a parade ground concert of military bands.
lola's new tattoo first picture i've

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first picture i've posted that was shot with my new camera. my best friend wanted a picture of her new tattoo. it was pretty spur of the moment because she only stopped by on her way to work. Featured In Explore: Jan 20, 2008 #99