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Bruno Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota.

condor tattoo

Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota. Pré-colombiano/Bolivia.
The Black Condor Second guessing and

condor tattoo pictures

Second guessing and reconsidering which one to put in my show. This one or this one.
Macro tatuaggio primi esperimenti col

tattoo condor be

primi esperimenti col 50 f/2 gentilmente offerto da olympus...
ALF Says 'Goodbye' Antonov AN-26 Condor

tattoo de condor

Antonov AN-26 Condor
G-AYFF  Druine D.62B Condor La aviación privada

tattoo of condor

La aviación privada también se dejó ver, y mucho, en el RIAT.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Pistol Vegas SEPTEMBER 3, 2007

tattoos of pistol

SEPTEMBER 3, 2007 -- SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, USA -- Pistol Vegas, 25, of Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) -- PHOTO BY JASON STAHL Strobist: Canon 430EX; camera right; about 15 degrees and pointing down; 35mm; 1/4 with diffuser; about 6 feet from subject. Canon 430EX; camera right; about 135 degrees and even with subject; 35mm; 1/8 through shoot-though umbrella; about 6 feet from subject. Canon EOS 30D; 1/250; f4.5; 50mm; 8 feet from subject. Learn how to light at Strobist .