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Bruno Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota.

condor tattoo

Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota. Pré-colombiano/Bolivia.
The Black Condor Second guessing and

condor tattoo pictures

Second guessing and reconsidering which one to put in my show. This one or this one.
Macro tatuaggio primi esperimenti col

tattoo condor be

primi esperimenti col 50 f/2 gentilmente offerto da olympus...
ALF Says 'Goodbye' Antonov AN-26 Condor

tattoo de condor

Antonov AN-26 Condor
G-AYFF  Druine D.62B Condor La aviación privada

tattoo of condor

La aviación privada también se dejó ver, y mucho, en el RIAT.

Three random tattoo ideas

||| bring good news.

bible verse tattoo

bring good news. proclaim peace. bring good tidings. proclaim salvation.
"tattoo art: Artwork by area tattoo artists before it touches the skin" Whether you call


Whether you call it "Ink", "Tats", "Art", "Pieces", or "Work", tattooists are gaining support as “Artists” with many mainstream art galleries holding exhibitions of tattoo designs. Locally, the Schulman Gallery is exhibiting “tattoo art: Artwork by area tattoo artists before it touches the skin” through September 10, 2011. I applaud the artists and the curator....the exhibit is definitely worth checking out! The Schulman Gallery is located on the campus of Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. To learn more about the artists themselves and the exhibit, go to The Times Leader at: