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Bruno Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota.

condor tattoo

Guerreiro condor, Tiwanakota. Pré-colombiano/Bolivia.
The Black Condor Second guessing and

condor tattoo pictures

Second guessing and reconsidering which one to put in my show. This one or this one.
Macro tatuaggio primi esperimenti col

tattoo condor be

primi esperimenti col 50 f/2 gentilmente offerto da olympus...
ALF Says 'Goodbye' Antonov AN-26 Condor

tattoo de condor

Antonov AN-26 Condor
G-AYFF  Druine D.62B Condor La aviación privada

tattoo of condor

La aviación privada también se dejó ver, y mucho, en el RIAT.
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Three random tattoo ideas

1/5: All We Need Is Love♥ I uploaded this

all we need is love tattoo

I uploaded this after midnight, because photoshop was being retarded for some reason and wouldn't let me open my pictures. So, it's kinda late. Taking pictures inside the house is getting kinda limiting, I wish it would warm up outside. It's calling for snow this week. Which it probably won't, but it will be cold. The highs this week don't get out of the 30s. Joy. Anywho, I had to get my sister to help me take this because I don't have my tripod. It's so awkward posing in front of people.. photoshop flawsssssssssssssssss. What do you think?
Milano Tattoo convention 2008 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

tatuaggi tattoos

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Milano Tattoo convention 2008 Milano Tattoo convention 2008
Alexis Campbell - FS 180 Ollie @ High Wycombe <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

perfect hip tattoo Canon 60D with (M42 Mount) Super Traverner 35mm 2.8 Edited With: Adobe Lightroom