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HOLD MY BACK Its like going

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Its like going out the closet but i am noootttt gay helped by: Alberto Delgado
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I got this tattoo in Germany about 6 years ago (give or take)...I am Puerto Rican and we have this lil tree frog called the coqui, named that because of the beautiful sound it makes at night...anyway I thought this tattoo would be fitting because some people (My sister, husband, and friend) affectionately call me "Froggy" because I have some HUGE eyes. lol. Way ta brand myself eh? I hate my eyes but that'll be another post for the 52 weeks. Might be #52 lol.
soy boriqua .. pa que lo sepas Created for the

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Created for the [♂]::MΔSTЭЯMIИĐS::[♀] Week 132: Where are you? Since where I am at the moment isn't really home, I did mine on where I'm from: Boriqua [also Boricua] *A person who was BORN in Puerto Rico. *From the Taíno name for Puerto Rico, Boriquen The word Boriken, some believe to translate to "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord." Borikén was used by the original Taíno population to refer to the island of Puerto Rico before the arrival of the Spanish. Other variations used are Borinqueño and Borincano which translated means "from Borinquen." The first recorded use of the word Boricua comes from Christopher Columbus in his Letter to the Sovereigns from 4 March 1493. The coqui [tree frog] and lechon [pig roast] are typical traditional symbols of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican coquí is a very small tree frog about one inch long. Some coquíes look green, some brown and some y

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