Coroa - Tattoowise

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 Tattoo by Jotapê

coroa oldschool

Tattoo by Jotapê Pabst @ Black Hat Tattoos - São Paulo, Brasil
Oxum - Cobertura inspirada no Mucha - depois Mucha inspired cover-up

coroa tattoos

Mucha inspired cover-up - after
lonesome king via blackberry (incompleta)


via blackberry (incompleta)
COELHO REI Tattoo cillas

coroa tatuagems

Tattoo cillas
BOLA REI Tattoo bruno

tattoo coroa desenhos

Tattoo bruno
talitinha in flames slow synchro, talitinha

tattoo de uma coroa

slow synchro, talitinha e sua tattoo
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Three random tattoo ideas

9659 SR-71 Tattoo One word: Wow.


One word: Wow.
Hive I actually couldn't

mayan sun tattoo

I actually couldn't even see this hive while I was there since it was so dark; it was only because I blew out my exposure that I could tell. Otherwise I never would have known it existed; thank god for my D3 :D This was underground as we were walking through to our swimming site (we were still relatively close to ground level, only about 20 feet below).