Coroa - Tattoowise

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 Tattoo by Jotapê

coroa oldschool

Tattoo by Jotapê Pabst @ Black Hat Tattoos - São Paulo, Brasil
Oxum - Cobertura inspirada no Mucha - depois Mucha inspired cover-up

coroa tattoos

Mucha inspired cover-up - after
lonesome king via blackberry (incompleta)


via blackberry (incompleta)
COELHO REI Tattoo cillas

coroa tatuagems

Tattoo cillas
BOLA REI Tattoo bruno

tattoo coroa desenhos

Tattoo bruno
talitinha in flames slow synchro, talitinha

tattoo de uma coroa

slow synchro, talitinha e sua tattoo
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Three random tattoo ideas

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script name tattoo flash

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adtr clearer picture of

tattoo ideas for chest piece

clearer picture of it