Crack - Tattoowise

Something slipped out Just a shot

butt crack tattoo

Just a shot that when the opportunity pops up, I am going to take the shot, and she so knows it...
tattoo Day 4 This is the

tattoo in the butt crack

This is the 4th day of my tattoo and it has begun to heal. I'm already designing my next one.
8/365 She is looking for something... ... and I'm

tattoo on butt crack

... and I'm looking for something else. I guess Summer is looking too.
bootskee Adrian Louise mm#

tattooed butt crack

Adrian Louise mm# 106046 New Jersey
crack This girl took

tattoos for your butt crack

This girl took off more and more as the night wore on...but hey, it was NUDE NITE.

Three random tattoo ideas

The Stones Tattoo You Tour '82 Some original scans

jagger tattoo

Some original scans i made from a bunch of photos i recently found in some old boxes from my parents. The Rolling Stones live in concert back in June 1982. Venue: Niedersachsenstadion, Hannover, Germany.. All rights reserved. Flickr is not a free image database. Please note that the fact that "This photo is public" doesn't mean it is public domain or a free stock image. Therefore, its use without written consent by the author is illegal and punished by law. Please contact me if you like to use this photo for commercial/professional purposes.
new tattoo #2 thinking outside the


thinking outside the box a bit...literally. i really wanted something in a box, but decided to mix it up. somewhat inspired by gustav klimt's flowers. drawn by me, done by cooper @ nemesis.