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body art this must be

crotch tattoo gallery

this must be the pick of the this shot......I like his if saying "what the f*** you looking at !"
Open Invitation I don't recall

crotch gallery

I don't recall who this is, nor do I particularly care. I just want to be that skateboard.
June 5 1999 2nd Annual Deep Ellum Tattoo Convention Held at the

crotch tattoo flash

Held at the Bomb Factory Deep Ellum/Dallas TX Performace by TSD - Traumatic Stress Discipline Scanned Pics
Happy Easter! Hope you have

tattoos for crotch

Hope you have a GREAT easter! Oh, and yes, im the naughty Easter Bunny.... Strobist info: One Vivitar 285HV @1/16 directly camera left One Canon 580EX @1/16 camera right for highlights. Both fired with Cactus V2s's through umbrellas. Not the best, but one of my first attempts at off camera lighting. Played with the photo in PS to make my undies purple instead of dark green and to fix the top of the photo that the backdrop didnt cover. Sorry for any eye problems anyone has from now on...
Zebra A little racier

tattoos in the crotch

A little racier than my normal fair.
Crotch Grab by Eddie yeah, this picture

tattoo on the crotch

yeah, this picture makes the party look a hell of a lot crazier than it actually was ;-) Funny picture taken during Eddy's birthday party. Eddy on the left! For details see large !
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Three random tattoo ideas

TAGGED =] Okay so I've

tattoos flowers design

Okay so I've been tagged by -sina- and here my 16 random things: * converse are my favorite kind of shoes. * i love tattoos (obviously, thats my leg ^) * i don't really like the cold weather, but i often find myself saying the same thing about the heat in the summer. * i write smiley faces too much =] (im sure u's have noticed hehe) * i wish i spoke spanish. i learned in high school, i can carry i 5 minute conversation about stores, milk, and books, but thats about it haha. i would like to learn it seriously. * i have am petrafied of fire, it all started because i was in a car that caught fire a few years ago, we were all okay, but now me and fire dont get along. * i have a boyfriend; who i love dearly. * i want to travel the world, ive only been to italy so far. * i LOVE getting comments on my pictures (good or bad, i love feedback) * i dont like capitalzing letters, and all that corre
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