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body art this must be

crotch tattoo gallery

this must be the pick of the this shot......I like his if saying "what the f*** you looking at !"
Open Invitation I don't recall

crotch gallery

I don't recall who this is, nor do I particularly care. I just want to be that skateboard.
June 5 1999 2nd Annual Deep Ellum Tattoo Convention Held at the

crotch tattoo flash

Held at the Bomb Factory Deep Ellum/Dallas TX Performace by TSD - Traumatic Stress Discipline Scanned Pics
Happy Easter! Hope you have

tattoos for crotch

Hope you have a GREAT easter! Oh, and yes, im the naughty Easter Bunny.... Strobist info: One Vivitar 285HV @1/16 directly camera left One Canon 580EX @1/16 camera right for highlights. Both fired with Cactus V2s's through umbrellas. Not the best, but one of my first attempts at off camera lighting. Played with the photo in PS to make my undies purple instead of dark green and to fix the top of the photo that the backdrop didnt cover. Sorry for any eye problems anyone has from now on...
Zebra A little racier

tattoos in the crotch

A little racier than my normal fair.
Crotch Grab by Eddie yeah, this picture

tattoo on the crotch

yeah, this picture makes the party look a hell of a lot crazier than it actually was ;-) Funny picture taken during Eddy's birthday party. Eddy on the left! For details see large !
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Three random tattoo ideas

Cycle Messenger World Championship Fundraiser v2 Every once in

tattoos and socks

Every once in a while the human beings behind throw a fundraiser where they take over a bar and raffle off a bunch of bike shit. Beer and raffle sales go to pay for the 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championship; basically the Olympics for bike messengers. The events are hella fun and tend to bring the same people back over and over, which is nice if you have a huge soft spot in your heart for Chicago's bike scene. The one tonight is at Cole's on Milwaukee which is one of my favorite bars so AWESOME TIMES TWO. OUTFIT: Black Metal Viking shirt reppin' cut up and resewed by me to be a thousand times sluttier, American Apparel mesh bra, shorts from some mall store for teenage girls ACCESSORIES: Doc Martens with metallic magenta laces from a Converse outlet, knee socks from H&M, prescription glasses from
<3 This is my

mother and daughter black and white tattoo

This is my favourite angle ; )