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Snake and Potion bottle by Khalil Linane  Snake, crown and

snake crown tattoo

Snake, crown and potion bottle tattoo by Khalil Linane @ Under the Needle Tattoo
Mon jardin Details here

tattoo french crown

Details here
the crowned one my first tattoo

taurus crown tattoo

my first tattoo i got on my 18th birthday. my name, stephanie, means "crowned one" or something of that nature, and i am a taurus. that is an emerald in the center of the crown/horns.
BY EDGE TATTOO Obrigado pelo apoio

what to put under a crown tattoo

Obrigado pelo apoio dos meus amigos, e das pessoas que gostam do meu trabalho, e obrigado pelos coments tambem! Te amo Me"Nynna" linda! ************************************************************************** EDGE TATTOO OBRIGADO AO (A) Brutal_artisT... PELO POSTE EM SEU BLOG! Tats

lion with crown tattoo

Imperial Crowns VII Photo taken in

crown tattoo music

Photo taken in Szeged, Hungary @ Imperial Crowns concert. More info about the L.A. based rock/soul band here:
birthday girl drawing Done for Illustration

black and white crown tattoos

Done for Illustration Friday's theme of 'Celebrate'

Three random tattoo ideas

Out of bed °115° 17.4.12
So here is

girly tattoo on arm

17.4.12 So here is finally a picture of my tattoo ;-)
i wiSH You CouLD Fix Me DesTiNaTioN uNKnowN model:

tattoo piercing gallery

DesTiNaTioN uNKnowN model: me Photog: Frav. disg/edit.: me