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half sleeve 1 chris new tat.

crown tattoo with name

chris new tat. first session was 6 hrs. he goes back in 6 weeks to finish it off.
*aN eSCaPe FRoM FaiRyLaND* aRTiST PoRTFoLiO aLTeReD aRt JouRNaL BooK MiXeD MeDiA PaiNTiNG CoLLaGe oRiGiNaL Created for a

crown tattoo with wings

Created for a local tattoo artist to hopefully use as his portfolio. We are swapping art so he hasn't seen it yet and I have no idea what I'm getting...all I know is it's a canvas! ©2008 D.Pratt
sunday afternoon photoshoots.

crown tattoos girl

It Can't Rain All the Time Walk away when

crown tattoos pink

Walk away when you're angry Brace yourself, theres nothing to gain Old enough to know the outcome More blood, its always the same Aren't we cool and aren't we calm? For facing death, we run head on Do what they say! Or they take it away I'd rather be dead than carry on [Korn]
bullet king tattoo shirt designed by jkbmaze

crown wing tattoo

designed by jkbmaze and available for sale at design available on many different products in many different colors.
Girlie Full sleeve Arm Tattoo This is the

crown with heart tattoos

This is the wife’s arm sleeve. She’s busted my balls on this one it took us almost 3 years to complete because we’d do one small piece at a time. Luckily it still has some nice flow to it.. She’s even gotten a 1st and 2nd place trophy respectively for the two contests she’s entered it in.
this princess has been branded! i went and

crown with princess tattoo

i went and got tattoo number two today :D i also got my bow touched up and shaded a bit :D mat took this foto for me he is awesomesauce :D
Tattoo by Mad Mike Porter Tattoos by Mad

crown with stars tattoo

Tattoos by Mad Mike Porter ; he does freehand, portraits, cover-ups and anything you could ever imagine; check out our shop Eights and Aces Tattoo Parlor and Airbrush in Adamsville, TN
wings with crown wing, crown and

crown with wings tattoo

wing, crown and scroll chest piece
New Tattoo!!!! Fake tattoo

fake crown tattoo

Fake tattoo exciting!
Red Heart Bottle Pendant © Dust of

feminine crown tattoo

© Dust of Enchantment 2009 The duplication of this design is strictly prohibited. Tattoo inspired design. All handmade by me. Blogged here:
Treasures Never Few Hurrah! I recently

free tattoo flash crown

Hurrah! I recently and constantly kept trying to get myself to get back to working with water colours and at last the time has come again! They are such a pleasure to work with! The decision to draw up a fox initially began at an art night when a friend decided he was going to draw a fox.. but in the end it didn't work out. The thought of this un-drawn fox bothered me. So here he is in existence at last. Needless to say it's a nice change from drawing people. Watercolours, Sakura Microns, Gel Pen PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS IMAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR PROPER CREDIT! If this illustration strikes your interest as a tattoo please contact me! Full view for best quality.
tattoo of the day I decided this

girly crown

I decided this was my favorite tattoo of the day! Girly girly girlness... on Talese... by Sarah de Azevedo of Oni Tattoo Gallery in SLC Utah
Chest Piece Color (July 2009) It took 2

heart and crown chest tattoo

It took 2 sessions of about 3.5 to 4 hours each to fill in. by Jea'nine @ Lady Luck Tattoo in Portland, OR.

Three random tattoo ideas

ta-tau # 8 amsterdam may 1994

wings tatu

amsterdam may 1994 tattoo convention at "Beurs van Berlage" best.... ta-tau # 8 on black feel free to visit my web site reply with dark © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal
Out of the Box no need to


no need to tell you how fun Eddy was... :D I wish I would have seen this coming but I like the "behind the scenes" of the backdrops showing.
 New Tattoo (East

tattoo nike gallery

New Tattoo (East Side Ink, NY) by Kelly Krantz iPhone 3G.