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AA♥ Flirt with the

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Flirt with the hoodrats....lmao ;)
São Paulo. Vila Madalena.

tatuagen de cruz

Vila Madalena.
Agente Zoquete 86 v3 Myrhwan a.k.a firemyrh

tattoo cruz com jesus dentro

Myrhwan a.k.a firemyrh trucó una boquilla fat cap para conseguir esta barbacoa portatil. Este bultico con ojos es un especialista con el fuego....
California Republic Dan shows us

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Dan shows us the best state in the Union.
Jericoacoara! O cachorrinho perneta

tatuagem so cruz

O cachorrinho perneta era o mais feliz da praia. =]
"So It Goes" Tattoo- RIP Kurt Vonnegut This is my

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This is my first tattoo. I had wanted it for four years and finally worked up the strength to get it, plus it's been a very hard year for me so it only seemed appropriate. This is not the design or lettering I wanted when I first went in to the tattoo shop. However, I am extremely happy with it. I hope it stays that way. For those of you that don't know, "So It Goes," is a famous line from the American writer, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s most famous novel, Slaughterhouse 5. Slaughterhouse 5 is one of the greatest anti-war novels ever written, and was banned in the U.S. for several years. Some states still make it illegal for Slaughterhouse 5 to be taught in schools, and Sarah Palin tried to ban the book in public libraries in Alaska.
Tatuagem Cruz Enigma? o que

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Enigma? o que isso quer dizer?
 -Call me tigra-

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-Call me tigra- 1- "Fuck the believers"

Three random tattoo ideas

composure 10/365 "Wave goodbye to

lucky 13 tattoo gallery

"Wave goodbye to the past, you've got your whole life to lead." This is my very first tattoo. I got it back in December, but I figured it was time to post a photo to Flickr! It's lyrics to the song Composure by August Burns Red. They mean more to me than just the simple fact I like the song, and the band. I have a past that I'm not proud of, and this tattoo is to remind me to let it go. There's nothing more I can do except look to the future :] It was seriously painful, but the ribcage is a sensitive spot. It took about an hour and 15 minutes, which felt like a lifetime. Done by April Killian at Lucky 13 in Richmond VA!
tatoueur lyon inky dinky tattoo lyon studio tatouage lyon Inky Dinky -

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Inky Dinky - Tatoueur Lyon 13, rue Vaubecour 69002 Lyon Du lundi au samedi de 14h à 19h Le matin sur RDV uniquement à partir de 10h (Possibilité de RDV à partir de 19h) Contact : 06 66 99 57 11 Aiguilles à usage unique Stérilisation par autoclave classe B Hygiène aux normes en vigueur