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# 14 of 2009 - Hand Made Custom Tattoo Machines by Kevin Riley - More at # 14 of

custom tattoo machine gallery

# 14 of 2009 - Jenson Perfection Style :: Shader w/ $2 bills coil covers, and EC Coil Cores, Hard wired for RCA Power coated in Black with Gold flake details. Built for Eric M.
Ali's Shoes1 Commissioned pair.
Was told

custom tattoo typography

Commissioned pair. Was told the theme should be "stars, music, rainbows" and should feature her name. One of my favourite pairs.
Bridal Henna - Melodic Lotus Style A typical MelodicLotus

custom peacock tattoo

A typical MelodicLotus Design. Henna application by Ranjana Patel (
Terry Ribera Tattoo San Diego This is a

custom lower back tattoos

This is a painting by Terry Ribera prints can be bought at Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera
Custom mug for Ale Work in progress.

custom swallow tattoo

Work in progress. Custom order that combined her tattoos with other images she likes.
"T&S" Heart Design A custom design

custom tattoo with initials

A custom design of the initials "T&S", created in a heart shape for a tattoo design. More information can be found in my profile.
IMG_3773 I find that

tattoo custom script

I find that there is something very beautiful to me about the "in progress dolls" -- so here I share with you a little bit of my working process. This is an image from the WIP of a full customization as Bill Kaultiz on an MSD size Dollzone Mo. Commission work
Butterfly Tattoo Paulo Madeira
Tattoo Artist

custom butterfly tattoos

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer
"JPUJ" Heart Design A custom design

custom initials tattoo

A custom design of the initials "JPUJ", created in a heart shape for a tattoo design. More information can be found in my profile.
japanese koi 5 Japanese Koi Shoes

custom peony tattoo

Japanese Koi Shoes Ok, so the last thing I wanna do is to paint another pair of those tattoo inspired shoe... Yep, you've seen them all, folks! Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry Converse, Vans and the list goes on... I always thought that maybe I could try work on something that looks less like a Japanese tattoo on shoes but more like a painting inspired by Japanese tattoo, you dig? Perhaps, this way... those who are not Japanese tattoo (or any tattoos for that matter) would fancy a pair of these. Thoughts, anyone?
trufire by FENO visit: visit:

good custom tattoos

visit: visit: thak u!
Moth traditonal moth tattoo

custom ribs tattoo

traditonal moth tattoo with a skull and rotten teeth twist.
love the art... gold coast bike

custom tatoos

gold coast bike week,broadbeach mall show

Three random tattoo ideas


ride tattoos
koi fish tattoo Craigy Lee Tattoo

carp tattoos

Craigy Lee Tattoo Artist