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death sleeve
Poison Remember, if you

death tatoo

Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast.
Sesion de Tatuajes criminales rusos temporales playeros eso es exactamnete

death tattoo

eso es exactamnete lo ke fue y fue brutal
 Model: Alki Make

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Model: Alki Make Up: Cosmashiva Styling, photo, postpro... Vorfas
 Had to be

death tattoo shoulder

Had to be sharper!
Everyone will be at the funeral To make sure

death to us part tattoo

To make sure that i stay dead
DeathTatFull This lil ink

full back angel of death tattoo

This lil ink blotch was probably around ten years in the making. It has been in my mind in some form for at least that long. About a year ago I decided to put things into motion and finally commit to getting it done. I had originally intended to do the art myself but my once upon a time talent has over many years of neglect and un-use eroded away like a sand castle at high tide. I spent a few days doing very rough sketches and jotting down notes in the margins trying to get all the info from lo those many years onto the paper so I could hand it off to another more capable illustrator to bring to life. I then put together a very short list of artists who had worked on Sandman that I thought would be right for the job. I settled on Richard Case (remembered most for his classic run on Doom Patrol) for many reasons including a) He's a super nice guy. b) He's a fellow NCer. c) He work
Negative life Disagreement Among Solders,

life after death

Disagreement Among Solders, Casual Ending Result. good song with it, tell me what you think of the pic bad or good im up for it.
Vanitas coming soon…. New sticker design

life and death ambigram

New sticker design that will be printed next month. Inspired by the Life/Death ambigram which I really like. Not to the point of tattooing it on my body, but still. Making a sticker seemed a more appropriate choice:) I hope this will remind people that everything can be over just like that. Sometimes we forget this and feel that we are immortal due to the awesome lives that we live. I guess this is my little modern-day vanitas. SEE DEATH
jared powell

mexican skull of death
Bondage - Hellfest 2009 espace détente au

tatoo about death

espace détente au Hellfest
Chris Boltendahl & Manni Schmidt - Grave Digger O show de

tattoo butterfly death

O show de um dos melhores álbuns da banda "Liberty Or Death". O disco demonstra o talento dos músicos em criar um heavy metal contemporâneo e atemporal que levou o grupo a segunda melhor colocação de sua carreira nas paradas alemãs. São Paulo. 02.08.08
Sailor Jerry 96 Sailor Jerry was

tattoo death before dishonor

Sailor Jerry was tagged with the name Norman Collins at birth, but he began to distance himself from normalcy when he was 19 (that's why he became a sailor). He traveled around the world, not only getting his first tattoos, but also gaining exposure to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia. This later became a crucial influence when he opened his first tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, ground zero for swaggering sailors, drunken soldiers and whoever else wasn't afraid to hang around volatile levels of testosterone. The Honolulu Tattoo district was designed to accommodate a time in men's lives when they drank heavily, paid for women, and imprinted their biceps with pictures solid and resonant enough to last a lifetime. Back then, Chinatown was the only place on the island where a man could get a tattoo, creating fierce competition among the many tattoo parlors. Roving sailors weren't
Plastic surgery View On Black

tattoo death picture

View On Black
143 - / 365 a Life , Derailed. Second installment of

tattoo life after death

Second installment of my "in the flesh" View On Black Year : 2005 Placement : Right forearm Complete time : 6 hours chronology : 3rd tattoo This was a drawing i made on a friends coffee table back in 1999. over time i changed a few parts of it,then redrew it before i got it inked into my skin. I shopped the photo so you can see the whole thing,as it wraps around my inner forearm. At the heart of it,is a warped Infinity style symbol,branching out towards my hand. this particular idea for me was this ... I have 4 points to my life and this tattoo is reflective of them 1 the person i was born, 2 the person i have become, 3 the death of my body, and 4 the death of my mind/imagination. on the left there is a point that looks like a claw,or spike. this is the Person i was born. the

Three random tattoo ideas

crapburger final got on

candy skull tattoo art

final got on to this!!!
day 3 here is the

bridal henna pattern

here is the two tone and the henna at full color.