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ThreeHundred & sixty-two/365:  Back to the drawing board Problem with tattoos

moon and stars tattoo design

Problem with tattoos - they're addictive. This is my new design I'm working on, not finished yet, but some conceptual ideas
batsheva's back henna for a

moroccan tattoo design

henna for a bellydancer before a performance - also taken heavily from kenzi's moroccan style
Debra's foot Volcano Henna
Designed by

morrocan design tatoo

Volcano Henna Designed by Melissa Banford Lexington, KY 2009 Will Travel Worldwide for Your Event
TATTOO DESIGN Recently, I was

music guitar tattoo design

Recently, I was contacted to design a tattoo for someone. I have had extremely poor luck designing tattoos for people for a number of reasons. But I decided to say yes. And he was very open to me doing whatever sort of ideas that came to me. And the final art is pretty dang close to what I pictured in my head. This might have broken my trend of having tattoo projects go badly. We will see. XO
The Last Temptation Check out my

old school design tattoo

Check out my website for original paintings and prints, along with commissioned work such as portraits, drawings, tattoo/tattoo designs and murals.
Peacock, Flower, Paisley Leaves B Design inspiration of

peacock mehendi design

Design inspiration of Darcita N Post-Glitter Incredible how glitter makes all the difference!
Alecia by roger davies

raven tattoo design

by roger davies
Latest tattoo: partial completion Designed & Inked

reaper tattoo design

Designed & Inked by Steve Eslick - the final design altered slightly from the original. Also more work is required - greyscale shading needs to be added, and there's a possibility of colour flames...
Lotus Flower - IMGP4090-xh Red / Pink

red lotus tattoo design

Red / Pink Lotus Flower and leaf: Photo based watercolor
La vita è Bella Rose Custom design

rose tattoo design

Custom design
A flowery Sky! This was made

round tattoo design

This was made using the word 'sky', look like a flower!
Ghost House Official T-shirt Ghost House Zine

samurai design tattoos

Ghost House Zine Official T-shirt, 2011
CHARIOT Set of Tarot

samurai tattoo free design

Set of Tarot Cards based on characters from Cartoon Network shows Art Director: Jay Rogers Client: Cartoon Network Illustrations © 2004 Bill Mayer
Short Back and Sides My morning walk

scissors tattoo design

My morning walk in Hawthorne, an easy artsy laid-back part of Portland - but isn't all of Portland like that? well, more so even than the rest - is pretty much an exercise in solitude. I'm still on New York time, so it's a comfortable part of the day in my brain, but the rest of this neighborhood isn't going any farther than coffee and the occasional baked good. The cooler shops won't open until much later in the day.
pier 52 cruise i should hang

ship tattoo design

i should hang out at the piers more often. on the way to the armory show.

Three random tattoo ideas

Live Free Cut Well This hand belongs

tattoo nome ian

This hand belongs to the player who was competing against the player who belonged to this hand: