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Kristin's Hands and Fingers 2 My ex wanted

tattoo design for the finger

My ex wanted me to practice some of my free-hand design on her. In particular, she wanted a design that graced the hand and draped down a finger or two, with a set of rings that I had been wanting to try out. I used a little bit of Pagan inspiration in this piece, featuring a double pentagram. In hindsight there are a lot of things in this piece that I would like to do differently. But in the end, it was just free-hand practice. What we noticed was that the design and the color that took went very well with the colors she chose during her manicure just prior to me doing my work. The colors aren't the same in the picture as they were in real life obviously; it worked together much better in person. This was taken the day after removing the paste, and already you can see the paste is very dark and deep in color. It just depends on the skin...
Minimal Tattoo A better picture

tattoo design full arm

A better picture of my new tattoo!
(unused tattoo design) (unused tattoo design)

tattoo design hippie

(unused tattoo design)
global warming poster - photo manipulation tattoo men sexy More about the

tattoo design men back

More about the graphic designer a@
IMG_7729 Pasifika Festival, Auckland

tattoo design nz

Pasifika Festival, Auckland
Sailor Jerry Flash @ Skin &

tattoo design old

@ Skin & Bones exhibit at Independence Seaport Museum
Tattoo: But I can't wait anymore, for you to love me.... (may make this

tattoo design outline

(may make this photo private tomorrow...sleeping on it...but feeling a bit unsure of leaving these public...)
Paw - Tattoo - Inked Fully inked version

tattoo design paw

Fully inked version of a tattoo request from Kori. She wanted a series of paw prints each depicting a different animal: tiger, wolf, and snow leopard. Drawn about May '09.
Studio_4 Random studio shots

tattoo design studio

Random studio shots
Juri Luxe Glow arms getting ready for

tattoo design with glitter

getting ready for her brother's wedding in Vegas!
Diablo Dance Party T-shirt design available

tattoo lettering design

T-shirt design available at
Sister of the Sea If you want

tattoo mermaid design

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IMG_4995 Tatuaje.

tatuaje design

NO FEAR an acrylic painting,

tiger tattoo design gallery

an acrylic painting, kind of a tattoo design thing... those symbols mean No Fear, methinks :)
197 Tattoo flash - Dragon/tribal tattoo design

tribal dragon design

Dragon/tribal tattoo design by:
lemon.juice Lemon juice is

wedding henna art design

Lemon juice is used to keep the henna from drying too quickly and flaking off too soon.

Three random tattoo ideas

Slipknot poster design competition entry If you like

floral tattoos on side of torso

If you like this entry, you can vote for it here for a week or so from when I posted:
Stockholm NB part02 La Terrassen -

tatuaje 2011

La Terrassen - I saw another tatoo in a girl's back last year in the same kind of buvette (RB). Sexy...