Design - Tattoowise

three people job one tattooing, two

tattoo design korea

one tattooing, two keeping the area free of hair. @Tattoo Korea Nonhyun, Seoul, Korea
Viking Demon Arm Sleeve Tattoo Photo by Sherrie

outdoor tattoo design

Photo by Sherrie Thai of
Air Kustom Design - the shop Air Kustom Design

apple design tattoos

Air Kustom Design - aerografie e Personalizzazioni รจ a Grosseto! in via Catalani 3
Buddha Beach

buddha tattoo design
Stuck On Repeat Notebooks made for

escher tattoo design

Notebooks made for Ohh Deer on the theme of "Stuck On Repeat". On sale soon in radioactive puke green. | twitter | facebook
Henna on hand This design wrapped

henna design hand foot tattoo

This design wrapped around the wrist but it's hard to get a good photo of all of it and how it flowed
Henna Art Polaroid SX70 Sonar

polaroid tattoo design

Polaroid SX70 Sonar with Impossible Project PX70 CP film. L/D wheel = 1 notch dark Henna Artist, Camden Market, October 2012
Bring on the Happy Shoes 1 Commission shoes. Hand

sunshine tattoo design

Commission shoes. Hand painted. Was told to "go crazy", so I did.
Tattoo Design Detail Finished design for

tattoo swallow design

Finished design for forthcoming tattoo. Illustration by anarchists are pretty .
Shannon Mums Custom Tattoo San Diego PB Hold Hands Shannon @ Mums

tattoo design filler

Shannon @ Mums Custom Tattoo 1837 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109 Custom designed holding hands tattoo 2
Oldschool Swallows iPhone 3g Case Available at

apple tattoo design

Available at Check out my website for more art!
Sketchbook flower 1 I recently bought

mandala tattoos and design

I recently bought a teeny little sketchbook ( half A6,must be A7 technically haha) and have decided to fill it with little flower designs. this is one of many, black ink on paper.
Odette, Detail "Odette" Detail my

manga tattoo design

"Odette" Detail my design for the Design A Doll contest Watch her creation; Buy A Print: Become a fan:
IMG_0082 some mish mashed

mehndi floral design

some mish mashed doodling on Rebbecca

Three random tattoo ideas

name tattoo tattoo, arm, sign

tattoo no lines

tattoo, arm, sign language, graphic, hands, name, lines
2011-11-23 (01) ears Our Daily Challenger

tattoo atras das orelhas

Our Daily Challenger - ears