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DSC08652 Caleb took these

tattoo design owl

Caleb took these  fashion: Model:

scotland tattoo design

fashion: Model: Emma Ashby Make-up: Rachel Imry Hair: Debbie Black
"Damaged" Tattoo I know that

chest and shoulder tattoo design

I know that some people think that the "see-thru" tattoo design is played out, but I have a legitimate reason for choosing this design idea and location. :-) Several years ago I had a work injury which eventually required surgery. Fusing two of my vertebrae together, removing a couple discs, adding cadaver bone, etc. Despite the surgery being a success, I still experienced nerve damage which has left that shoulder essentially useless and always in pain. Unfortunately internal injuries like that are a blessing and a curse. The "curse" part is because nobody knows how broken I really am in that area, so everyone thinks that I'm fine. This disability has affected my life in more ways than you can imagine, so I guess I just wanted something on the outside that shows how I feel on the inside. So I opted for the see-thru design with torn / stressed muscles and a cracked collar bone underneath. Thanks for reading. ;-)
SB-Roads-02-72Dpi Just an experiment

design scorpion tattoo

Just an experiment for my band design
Kawaii Kappa Glitter Tat Kawaii Kappa Glitter

miami inc tattoo design

Kawaii Kappa Glitter Skin Tattoo New Kawaii Universe Designs now available as glitter tattoos! Get your cute couture glitter skin tattoos at Kawaii Universe in Wynwood Arts District. ( Currently on Saturdays) Pic from one of my many exclusive pop art designs and get it as a beautifully crafted and manually applied, sparkly, semi-perm skin tattoo. ( lasts 5-15 days) Cute Vector Pop Art Design
octopus-outline for a side

octopus design tatoo

for a side piece
Série de Desenhos para Tattoo Nunca pensei em

tattoo design brazil

Nunca pensei em fazer séries comerciais... mas por que não???
Psycho Skull Corset Tunic Dress: $125 xxxs-xxxl,

tattoo design corset

Dress: $125 xxxs-xxxl, custom color & length Available at ! Left model: Masuimi Max Photos by R. Jimison (Rockin' Bones co-designer/co-owner)
Wind of Change Scheepvaartkwartier, Rotterdam, the

autumn tattoos design

Scheepvaartkwartier, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Three random tattoo ideas


breasts tattoo

Please don't kill me Cherie. Ian did it. It was him. Kill him instead. [19:34] Ian Betteridge: LOL just got that picture [19:34] Ian Betteridge: Erm. Yes. [19:34] Ian Betteridge: I seem to remember taking that one [19:34] Kim: the question is, should i put it up on flickr? [19:34] Ian Betteridge: Of course you should! [19:34] Ian Betteridge: The girl paid good money for those
Sole&Luna Model: Elettra

tatoo of the moon

Model: Elettra