Design - Tattoowise

Sight Vicious (Liz Vicious XIX) Miss Liz Vicious


emo tatto design

Miss Liz Vicious Sight Vicious Liz Vicious
More shapes. money.less design, single

tattoo geometric design

money.less design, single line.
Lady Dori Belle 063 Single SB900 camera

bike tattoo design

Single SB900 camera left in shoot through 42 inch umbrella Lady Dori Belle Mayhem #1582647
tattoo concept  i did this

cats tattoo design

i did this in illustrator, just messing around.
Design 11/4/09.  There

design a family tattoo

11/4/09. There will be a new tattoo, probably in March, in honor of the three sides of my family. Thankfully, a more talented friend is drawing the actual design!
Chicana I drawing I

design religious tattoo

I drawing I did of the photo taken during an MTV commercial Selena Gomez did
2nd siting of the dark angel Miguel Angel Professional

full angel back design tattoos

Miguel Angel Professional Tattoo Artist 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom 00 44 7501 845 139 (Movil) 00 44 20 8840 7717 (Studio)
Carrie_Luxe Glow arms3 Luxe Glow silver

gallery of glitter mehndi design

Luxe Glow silver w/ Swarovski crystals and teal glitter gel.
Dafna Luxe Glow for prom1

glitter mehandi design
Polynesian tattoo designs Hawaii state flag.

hawaiian fire tattoo design

Hawaii state flag. Designs on Ostrich egg using a wax and dye relief. A Ukrainian art form called Pysanky.

Three random tattoo ideas

The Mask - part 2 Made complete today

bali maske tattoo

Made complete today within 6,5 hours
Love Cake? Especially carrot cake.

pen is the gallery

Especially carrot cake. After a day developing my own film I smell like chemicals & I cannot wait to do it again! Canon EOS 3000 / Ilford Delta 400