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Hybrid dotwork 1 Pointillism dotwork piece

tattoo design dotwork

Pointillism dotwork piece I did at the Peterlee Tattoo Arts Festival convention recently on Leanne - together we discussed a Polynesian/Maori-inspired floral addition to her leg to tattoo live at the show, and it ended up with a very unique design that gathered a lot of attention on the day. Both artist and customer very pleased! :)
Sebastian Professional - The Looks shoot, SmashBox Studios, Los Angeles © Copyright 2008

tattoo design for hair stylist

© Copyright 2008 Sebastian Professional. All Rights Reserved.
NNC NeoNihilist Clothing

tattoo design italy
it's so much easier when sea foam green is in ♥ The Reader If you're thinking

tattoo design poppies

If you're thinking of stealing this for tumblr, please just reblog it from me, thanks! - - fed up finding people taking my tags off and reblogging as their own on tumblr/weheartit/etc. ta! this was originally just a black and white doodle on a3 but was enjoying playing around with it in photoshop and messing up the colours... i like it!? you can now buy this as a print from my shop! visit for more details! x
FOOL Set of Tarot

tattoo design samurai

Set of Tarot Cards based on characters from Cartoon Network shows Art Director: Jay Rogers Client: Cartoon Network Illustrations © 2004 Bill Mayer
"There's A Parallel Universe Inside My Head" A design for a tottoo I want to get This is a

universe tattoo design

This is a rough copy of a tattoo I'm hoping to get sometime soon. I just need the money, I don't have it right now, however. The silhouette is of my (shaved) head, of which has been scattered with some stars. This is the image I imagine matches to a term I coined about two years ago: "There's A Parallel Universe Inside My Head". This term is the title of the tattoo. The whole thing is just a reference to the place inside my head where my imagination resides, another universe. Just about being an artist and a creator. Do you get it? I do. I like it. I found an old, water damaged love note on the ground dated sometime during November 2002. It reads: "[How(?)] many times I wanted to say I love you. I wanted to speak, but I was muted! There's so much more I wish I'd said. Mainly that I love you. (signed) Paneta (little drawing of a star) So much to tell you, that I just couldn't." On the bac
Grand Teton Winter Just look at

tattoo design mountains

Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.
Tattoo poster This is a

tattoo design for lips

This is a basic design for a tattoo poster
tattoo guy at work tattoo guy in

korea tattoo design

tattoo guy in Hongdae 2009
IMG_8087 This photoshoot was

tattoo universe design

This photoshoot was for my Art + Design coursework and inspired by the House Of Night Novels by P.C and Kristin Cast and also the book `The Iron Witch`. the markings are not editing in, i painted on my model, using, acrylic paint and a broken paintbrush, ha, considering the tools, i think it turned out quite well. haha :) Any comments, advise, helpful criticism ECT is always appreciated , so please, feel free to speak up! :):)
KaneishaTT3 Kaneisha in Caroni

tattoo design for daughter

Kaneisha in Caroni wearing headpiece borrowed from Celisse.

Three random tattoo ideas

Filling in Holes 208/365 This project

tattoo photographs

208/365 This project is starting to make me go crazy. The kind of photos I want to present seem impossible to obtain on a daily basis. So here are some of my older photos for you to look at. Strobist: lumedyne off ceiling camera right at half power, triggered via sync.
Lightware "Sometimes you just


"Sometimes you just need more than one" Agency: Elvis Bonapart Art Director: Dave Helfrey Client: Lightware Inc. Illustration © Bill Mayer 1998