Destiny - Tattoowise

tattoo This is the

destiny back tattoo

This is the tattoo I got the day before I turned 30, so I could say I got it "in my 20s."
destiny and gregor not sure how

destiny tattoo

not sure how i feel about this one. fun with roaches, el oh el.
Line Art Me Instead of trying

destiny tattoos

Instead of trying to get a current essay out the way I stated on this, I started doing a line art portrait while at college but got frustrated and turn the computer off..... This time I finished it! Dunno what I was thinking with the pose :-S
Tattoo pic # 3 Twilight symbols For my 26th

symbols destiny

For my 26th birthday, I went and had a new tattoo done. Just wanted to share tattoo number 3 with all of you. This is on my right wrist wrapping almost all the way around. There are a total of 6 symbols. 2 symbols make up each word. The first two stand for daughter, the middle two stand for Destiny and the last two sand for Twilight. I had it done in the thick tribal black.
...voltando le spalle al destino.... certe volte quello

tatoo destiny

certe volte quello che desideriamo davvero è ad un passo da noi....eppure è così difficile afferrarlo..... ci vuole tanto coraggio.....quel coraggio che forse manca a me.....
The Crackup Destiny and sabu

tatto destiny

Destiny and sabu posing for some sunset pictures at Kakaaka Park, Honolulu Hawaii.
sadwings Tattoo of the

name tattoos of destiny

Tattoo of the Sad Wings of Destiny cover from Judas Priest. Artist is Patrick Woodroffe

Three random tattoo ideas

Between This guy wrote

tattoo poem

This guy wrote this poem about his father and then tattooed it on his jambe!
Taye model : Helen

free suicidegirls gallery

model : Helen Olds (Taye) - San Diego US shot in Milano feb 2010
Inside look 1. "Cleaned" some

tatuagem old is cool

1. "Cleaned" some spots. 2. Smoothed Skin tones. 3.Sharpened eyes and added more contrast. 4. Found some sutable Tattoes in the Tattoo Group (Flickr) 5. Added them as a layers with darker color mode of Blending. Painted black unnessesary parts on a white mask. 6.Added texture in Soft Light Mode Blending to add vintage look. 7. Added Solid Color Adjastable Layer in Color Mode to correct the color to my taste. That's it!