Dog - Tattoowise

a man and his dog Saw the man

dog portrait tattoo

Saw the man at the park with his dog, asked him if I could take a pic, he said yes, so here it is.
St. Buckula, Design Sketch So yesterday was

dog tattoo sketch

So yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off of work, and decided I was ready for this tattoo. Jen and my parents contributed to the cost as part of my birthday gift. Theme is "Saint Buckula". Those of you who know me already know that Buck died May 3rd after a long battle with Lymphoma. Through it all, he was so strong, brave, and selfless...seemingly more worried about us than himself. He's as much as Saint as anyone I can think of. This is far and away the most important tattoo I've had thus far, and I trusted it only to Rich Cosgrove from Inka-Dinka-Doo in Lawrenceville. He outdid himself.
Green Island ; Lyudao (R.O.C) Contax g1 G90

japan dog tattoo

Contax g1 G90 fuji s400
bruised mixer Exene doesn't like

dog front leg tattoos

Exene doesn't like getting washed
DSC_3288 Strobist: Bare SB-600

dog collar tattoo

Strobist: Bare SB-600 at -1ev with 14mm diffusion panel in place, used as fill. SB-800 fired into 32" Westcott umbrella used as key light. Both fired via CLS in iTTL mode in daylight with no misfires.
If Santa was a millionaire... <i> 30 days

dog tag tattoo

30 days of Christmas Anticipation Day 4♥ 4. I love to create wishlists especially at christmastime. __________________________________________________________________________ I got Tagged by Johanni this time :) I´m going to tag some of you guys too 'cause this is actually really great :) Pictures taken from google!!
Nanatoo Also inspired by

dog tattoo portrait

Also inspired by my Nana painting, from another fan! Thanks Mark! I love Nana in the background too!
Fused In A Single Entity Pretending to be,

dog tattoo portraits

Pretending to be, somthing I`m defidently not. :) I decided that was the most funny part. And I`m even wearing make-up! Crazy Flickr 888 day. And, honestly, Fivel wasen`t supposed to be in this, but he loves mom you know, and coulden`t help himself. I think it turned out just fine. Twice as good.
I Am Kinda Thinking About Getting a Tattoo of This Bruise I think I

tattoo on leg dog

I think I might be in love with how bizarre it is!
0907001423b a tribute to

dog paw print tattoo

a tribute to the worlds greatest dog
celtic fighting dogs Picture that Robin's

tattoo celtic dog

Picture that Robin's Tattoo is based on
Pet Portraits Tattoo by Denise

tattoo of foi dog

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Ted Mac. Hand of Glory, Brooklyn, 2006.

Three random tattoo ideas

Elda Bernardes "We kick it

girl sun tattoos

"We kick it with our friends, and we scare our enemies. We’re laughing at the world, just like Thelma and Louise The ones that cross our paths, well we’ll bring them to their knees" Que saudade da minha BFF! rs
Lake Laziness. Hanging at the

men friend tattoos

Hanging at the lake house.