Dogwood - Tattoowise

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New Work by Luke Worley The framed camera

dogwood tatoo

The framed camera tattoo was existing, done by Luke a few months ago - today we added three cardinals and dogwood flowers. After a long time sitting, I had to throw in the towel so the inner arm is not colored yet - a large flying cardinal and another set of flowers and some sky to go! I'm loving the work done so far.
112_1259BnWnC copy.jpg

tattoo dogwood flower
NewTattoo This is the

tattoo of a dogwood

This is the new tattoo I got yesterday. I'll be going back for some touch-up in a monthish, but this is pretty done. The design is from a block print one of Karlee's friends (Kara) did, that we also used for the wedding invitations.
Haleakala Inside From an

tattoo of dogwood flower From an overlook at the top - 10,000 ft
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Three random tattoo ideas

Alice in Wonderland tattoo  Tattoo by Tim

alice tattoos

Tattoo by Tim Baxley Southside Tattoo & Piercing 1597 White Way East Point, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000
JIGOKU DAYU  地獄太夫 lives KYOTO Kyoto tattooer,GAKKIN


japanese irezumi gallery

Kyoto tattooer,GAKKIN 京都を拠点にし、ヨーロッパ各国を飛び回りtattooの制作に励んでいます。 my website will be coming soon! I will do my own shop soon,central of Kyoto. contact to tattoo,刺青のご相談はお気軽にこちらまで。
Day 003/365 - Just a Little Bit Girly Day 3 -

tattoo of a gerbera

Day 3 - 3rd May 2009 My mum and my sister bought me a bunch of flowers for my birthday and it had a couple of pink gerbera's in it. This wasn't the photo I had in my head and I'm not happy with the processing or the lighting but, again I don't have the time to redo it as tonight I WILL have an early night! Oh, and I didn't do my nails last night. Thats my plan for later.