Dogwood - Tattoowise

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New Work by Luke Worley The framed camera

dogwood tatoo

The framed camera tattoo was existing, done by Luke a few months ago - today we added three cardinals and dogwood flowers. After a long time sitting, I had to throw in the towel so the inner arm is not colored yet - a large flying cardinal and another set of flowers and some sky to go! I'm loving the work done so far.
112_1259BnWnC copy.jpg

tattoo dogwood flower
NewTattoo This is the

tattoo of a dogwood

This is the new tattoo I got yesterday. I'll be going back for some touch-up in a monthish, but this is pretty done. The design is from a block print one of Karlee's friends (Kara) did, that we also used for the wedding invitations.
Haleakala Inside From an

tattoo of dogwood flower From an overlook at the top - 10,000 ft
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Three random tattoo ideas

paw prints done by john

tattoo free prints

done by john at bizarre ink 36 westport edinburgh scotland
Jeffree Star Jeffree Star
Anna Nicole

tattoos jeffree star

Jeffree Star Anna Nicole Smith Tribute at HERE Lounge West Hollywood, California 24.04.07
Feet! no I don't

tatts on feet

no I don't care if you don't like them yes I love them Yes there is a meaning and story to each one