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tattoo_es_zig Fotos no na

dove tatoo work

Fotos no na Clínica de Tatuagem Gelly´s na Vila Madalena com Tatuador Bone e Cliente Zig
My Wheels My Muv Tata

dove tribal

My Muv Tata Sumo, which is a backbone of my journey in exploring destinations, specially the forest of Central India since 1998. The tough one,,,,,!
Ink - side view Inspired by the

forearm dove tattoo

Inspired by the work of Jason Tennant , drawn by Ashley White Jacobsen , made permanent by Julio at Solid State Tattoo in Milwaukee.
lilydovehealed healed photo

dove lily tattoo

healed photo
Godsend God sent the

dove shoulder tattoo

God sent the dove to Noah, and God is sending my husband back home to me in a day or two :)
First tattoo I had this

white dove white tattoo

I had this done two days ago. I went white and am very happy with the results. The red will go away in a week or two.
Jonny sleeve detail Tattoo done at

dove and angel sleeve

Tattoo done at Red Dog Tattoo, Benalmadena Costa, Malaga, spain
03 (c) jennifer picard

dove portrait tattoo

(c) jennifer picard photography /
You talking to me PUNK!!! lover the expression.

a white dove picture

lover the expression.
Tempus-fugit-cherub-Tattoo Tattooed by Ray

angel with dove tattoos

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
Only god can judge me pumps size 6 £25 Only god can

ankle dove tattoo

Only god can judge me pumps size 6 Hand painted custom trainers and pumps for sale, any size and design. They are painted in high quality acrylics and sealed to provide maximum wear. Please contact me if you would like more details , price varies depending on size and design.
Dove Tattoo I got this

awesome dove tattoos

I got this tattoo a year ago, and I took this picture right after I got it. The tattoo is on my left side, and the flower by the tail of the dove goes onto my back.
Wrist Tattoo My first tat

bird tattoos dove

My first tat and I designed it myself. South Side Tattoo, Pittsburgh
Blue willow & dove tattoo Checking out my

birds tattoo dove

Checking out my newest tattoo for the first time.
All photos by Anna!

blue dove tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

CAN YOU SEE THE STAR? Jack checks that

butt star

Jack checks that the whole star is visible... TrainBoy is behind helping... She is a STAR for us any time!!
v2.170: August 17th (An Idea for the Boa) So I was

tattoo feather foot

So I was at work today, thinking about what to do for my SP and then also, thinking about all the travelling whatnots (the tutu, the socks, the pig, the bear, the chicken, etc etc) and thought of maybe starting a group of my own. (Since I may never get any of the other travelling things..... "Bitter, party of one!" *laugh*) So I thought the only really interesting (or semi-interesting) thing I had that I wouldn't mind if I never saw it again, was this blue feather boa that I'd picked up for my Day 100 shot. So, "Bon Voyage Boa" was thought up there at my desk, and this is where I incorporated it into my FUTAB as well. Multitasking, it's the only way to get things done. So, I haven't started it yet, because I wanted to see if any of ya'll were interested first. Let me know folks!