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I'll never admit it to my girlfriend here -- but ooh la la: I love this ice cream even more than I love her… Note: to see

tatto of earphones

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Day 6 - Music I spotted this

tattoo earphones

I spotted this guy sat outside a busy Starbucks near Tower Bridge, just settling down for lunch in the sunshine and plugging in his earphones to listen to his music. I know how he feels - I often wander around London with a soundtrack in my ear. It tends to be diverse too: Anything from Foo Fighters to Beverley Knight, Stereophonics to Tupac, Tiesto to Ludovico Einaudi, Michelle Branch to Aretha Franklin. I'll listen to just about any genre or artist and enjoy it. So I hope this young man, with his sunglasses fashionably hung along the v-neck of his shirt, this sandals freshly broken in for the summer and his artful arm tattoo enjoyed his latte and panini, and the beats which shook his eardrums. Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Google+

Three random tattoo ideas

 beau bokan/ blessthefall/

tattoo crown drawing

beau bokan/ blessthefall/ awkwardly cropped hand that really bothers me :p
cleaning lady The boss of

japan tattoo

The boss of tokyo tattoo studio ns7 dept.