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Tattoo Olho de Horus Uma de minhas

tattoo egito

Uma de minhas tattoos
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Three random tattoo ideas

henna gulf style paste-on This is a

henna picture

This is a copy of a design I saw online recently. I really loved the crispness of the artist's lines and dots and I realized, doing it how hard it is to replicate! More at
Old School Swallow Design brought

tattoo art stars Design brought by client and modificated by me
My First Tattoo [120.365] Here it is!

tattoo heart stars

Here it is! It really wasn't as bad I thought it was going to be. And it only took about 15 minutes. So that helped too =) I'm still getting used to it. It kind of just seems like I drew something on my shoulder... I love it though. It represents the unconditional love between me and my two sisters. I'll try and get a good photo of my younger sisters. It's amazing.