Electrician - Tattoowise

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2008, A Light Pancake My big pal,

electrician tattoo

My big pal, Clive, the lighting engineer who got me the backstage pass for the Tattoo, makes a pancake on one of the light-fittings which light the castle during the performance. This was down in the moat of the castle.
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Three random tattoo ideas

"It's a lot smaller down here on the ground" / Day 130 Year 2 Come see it

woman with wings tattoo

Come see it on black please? I got a set of bigger wings for Christmas from Cecily and Charlie. :-)
Co&Ca Dedication- Healed So I had

coheed dragonfly tattoo

So I had to go in for a touch up since it scared really badly the first time. Here's the newly inked, healed version.