Electrician - Tattoowise

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2008, A Light Pancake My big pal,

electrician tattoo

My big pal, Clive, the lighting engineer who got me the backstage pass for the Tattoo, makes a pancake on one of the light-fittings which light the castle during the performance. This was down in the moat of the castle.
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Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo hebrew word for

hebrew tattoo mother

hebrew word for mother
Pillow Fight (14) - 04Apr09, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

shoulder feather tattoo

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Dr. Steel: Martial Arts Figure w/ Dragon Tattoo This cool martial

hong kong dragon tattoos

This cool martial arts action figure, Dr. Steel, is copyrighted on the back of his head's neck Mattel Inc. 1974 Hong Kong. His lower back is copyrighted 1971 and says "Mattel Inc. Hong Kong U S & Foreign Patented". He is from my childhood collection. He is not in the best condition having been in my mom's hot attic for many years, and his right (silver or "steel") hand is missing, but his right arm still moves up and down when his back's panel is pushed in. He has a battle scar on his left cheek.