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elephant!!! my half of

circus elephant tattoos

my half of a friend tattoo with the most radical emily sault. by scott bryant at acme ink.
2 l♡vs well I guess

elephant tattoo 2009

well I guess 3♥ ★elephants★tattoos★Chuck❤ 365 days 118/365 28april2009
Mid-year xmas present Here's a flash

heart elephant tattoo

Here's a flash sheet I did today for that special lady in my life. www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTZwhO-ggcw
ganesh Coloured pencil

elephant hindu tattoo

Coloured pencil
Elephant spotters Trafalgar Square, London


Trafalgar Square, London
Tattoo 9 #135 in Explore.

elephant tattoo design

#135 in Explore. Sept. 25, 2007
ganesha y un dia

elephant hindu

y un dia llegó el momento de todo
Tony I really wanted

cute elephant tattoo

I really wanted to find a way to get a lot of his tattoos in one photo

Three random tattoo ideas

Double Beau Big Beau and

cheerleader tattoo designs

Big Beau and Little Beau on a hot summer afternoon in Richmond. I feel like this shot is kind of a nod to Cynthia Connolly and her series of punks/rockers and their cars. That wasn't my intention, but the car is such a huge presence in this shot that I keep thinking about the Cynthia shots. We had her exhibit up on the walls in Fuel cafe for a month and I guess they rubbed off on me in this moment... Beau Beau & Little Beau Richmond, VA Summer 1996/1997 (?)
samurai This is a

japan samurai tatoo

This is a samurai.
As she said, "The higher the heels, the closer to God." What a great,

god butt tattoo

What a great, uh-hum, tattoo!!!