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Minha família, meu orgulho! "Tcherto" [fail], mais

famiglia tattoo

"Tcherto" [fail], mais uma tattoo, só que agora com um grande significado. Família, algo que eu faço questão de mostrar o quanto me orgulho! :) Pqe italiano? Além da descendência, o orgulho do sangue! ;) Até!
ValerioTattoo designing tatts for

tattoo of famiglia

designing tatts for Valerio
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Three random tattoo ideas

eAt mE, driNk mE I was invited

love for daughter tattoo

I was invited to A beheading today. I thought I was a butterfly Next to your flame. A rush of panic and The lock has been raped. This is only a game, This is only a game... But then our star rushes in, Feeling like a child and looking Like a woman... She has been forecast with an Attempt to kill herself, But the ending didn't test well. EAT ME, DRINK ME This is only a game. MM
PRIDE PARADE: LONDON 2008 Never kissed a

tattoo on stomach girls

Never kissed a Tory! Never will
DHC Tatoo Studio 3/3 The world renown

tattoo studio in lisbon

The world renown DHC Tatoo Studio!! Give them some love! www.dhctattoo.com/ My first interior assignment. All critique is welcome