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Mater o que importa


o que importa é que eu gostei rsrsrsrs beijim de domingo ;o)
ryan and jenny bw Wow. This was

daughter father tattoo

Wow. This was a milestone, for me. The last couple of weeks, in between life shaking events, I have tried to learn a little more about shooting people, Hoping to kinda head in that direction. Yesterday, Debbie called and informed me about contractions, dilation, and other disturbing things having to do with the maternal vagina. She closed the phone call by informing me that belly shots had to happen immediately, or during the next pregnancy. This was done in a loving, unpressuring tone of voice. Baby can send pressure, and threatening gloom simply with the power of her mind....often her voice is not involved. (not that I'm saying she did that here.) Color www.christopherrauch.com
reading lesson grounds of the

daughter tattoos for father

grounds of the City Hall.
Chalice and Me... Me and my

daughter to father tattoos

Me and my Girl...!
My Daughter Milla and His Father... © Fanny BETEMPS

father and daughter tattoo

© Fanny BETEMPS - 2010 She was born on December 11th, 2009 She weighed 4 kg and measured 52 cm (yes a big girl, :))
x-ray a beach candid

father daughter

a beach candid
jeremy_binns_brandon_lexi 2nd attempt at

father tattoo for daughter

2nd attempt at upload. the compressed jpeg isn't showing the background on this shot which is kind of disappointing. I used the dad's tattoo as a background element that looks great in the original image, but not so great here. I don't shoot a lot of baby portraits, she pee'd twice. :-) tech info: large soft box in front center, beauty dish above and camera right, medium soft box behind and camera left.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Realism Skull @ dean lane (stae) Here is a

tattoo stae

Here is a black and grey skull @ dean lane Bristol..... Thought i would chuck out a little tattoo infuenced business what fink folks?????
Dancer - 44/365; 20/30 Secret# 20 -

tattoo gallery of a ballet dancer

Secret# 20 - I've always wanted to be a dancer. I took ballet when I was younger and then I started to develop. Then I started gaining weight. I've always felt that I was a dancer in a past life, but it could just be me being hopeful...lol. (Instructions for the tutu can be found here . I had a lot of fun making this. I didn't really know how much tulle to use, being a plus size girl and all, so I started with 8 yards. I would recommend going with 10 or 12 - the back of mine is kind of sparse. I wanted to make one that was black and purple, but I was in Wally World picking up some photos and saw the white and burgandy for $.97/yard. It looks pink in some of the other photos, but it is actually burgandy. I can't wait to make another one. And I know what I'm making for gifts. Everyone I know has daughters!)