Feet - Tattoowise

tattooed baby pig doily hand tattooed

pig feet tattoo

doily hand tattooed by the artist
DSCN3812 After, front of

tattoos on feet to cover scars

After, front of leg near ankle outside
Henna at the Compound We did a

bridal hand and feet mehndi designs

We did a fundraiser for the Rural Haiti Project and I did henna all day, donating all my proceeds to the project. Fun day, great people, awesome performances and fab art.
on the floor 2 My boot and

friends and tattoo and feet

My boot and Aline's feet.
Groove White Flip Flops_7160 Who would like

ladies feet gallery

Who would like to suck her pretty toes, please leave her a comment.
Find comfort in yourself so you can deal with it... Title from "Find

tatoo cat feet

Title from "Find Comfort in Yourself" by Midtown. 3//365 So I realized my 365 are going to lack a little on weekends. For those of you wondering why that is, it is based on having no time to really think out, take, and edit pictures. Most Saturdays in my life go something like this: go to bed around five in the morning, get up and work job 1 for six to eight hours, try to get an hour or so nap in, get ready for work, work job 2 from about 10pm to 5am. See what I'm talking about? I have ZERO free time. Hopefully get to better stuff early in the week. Temperance was ready to play when I got home from work.
 Santa Monica, CA

bone tattoos on feet

Santa Monica, CA 2012
Relaxing I propped my

shoes feet girl gallery

I propped my feet up while the boys chased down the rocket.
Through the Crowd  Bikini contestant in

tanned tattooed feet

Bikini contestant in blue at Texas Showdown 2012. Do us both a favor and do not bother favoriting if you have no photos or stolen (web found) photos or if you have photos of your genitals in your stream, because you will be quickly blocked, no exceptions.

Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo 31 Another Korean youngman's

zodiac tribal tattoo

Another Korean youngman's tattoo tattooed Feb,12,2008 by Peter Jung 144 fulton st. New York, New York 10038 (917)364-8133
Day 220 Rainy day! So,

tattoos rain

Rainy day! So, I spent it inside hiding behind the laptop :) B is sleeping, as always, and we saw a mouse in the flat today. Not the cute kind, the vermin kind! Although I do feel bad that we'll have to set more traps and take it's little mousey life away :( sob! The funniest thing is, B is terrified of them, and I'm the one who shoos it into the other room and had to get things because he's busy hiding on the sofa- 'I'm not going on the floor, it will bite my toes!' haha :')
Gabi Another shot in

topless tattoo girl

Another shot in white with Gabi