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DSC_8540 Angel Beau doing

angel feet tattoos

Angel Beau doing a suicide suspension inside the Terror Chambre at Photo Bang Bang in the #VegasArtsDistrict. Suspension piercing was performed by a body modification professional. If you are interested, there are groups in your area you can meet up with. If not, put it on your to do list in Vegas. :)
freehand henna hennaing my own

arabic feet gallery

hennaing my own feet is such a difficult task!! there are areas that I can't even see and don't ask me how I put henna there! lol!
Little Feet Just messing around

baby feet

Just messing around with some textures on PS. I did this one for my nephew's very first father's day.
A Mother's Tattoo at the carnival This young lady

baby feet tattoo gallery

This young lady was kind enought to let me capture this photo.
Life Won't Wait I did my

baby feet tattoo picture

I did my first N E W B O R N photoshoot today with an awesome couple. Congrats to Tom Maule and Gemma Gilbert on their beautiful baby girl... B A I L E Y S I E N N A I'm still learning so dont be to hard on me! Please!
Minus 6 (Xmas Day) The Lucky Tattooist

beach feet girls

The Lucky Tattooist
35/365 aka Bro Tattoos it's been over

best feet tattoo

it's been over a year since we got them and this is the first together picture hahaha went out to BarRoom for Corrine's birthday (:
Lion and the Lamb These are my

black feet tattoo art

These are my feet, inked up at the end of March 2010. The Lion represents Jesus Christ as the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. The Lamb has a duel definition. 1) it represents Jesus Christ as the slaughtered lamb, who was sent to Earth to be killed for mankind's salvation. 2) it represents me, since Jesus Christ is also my Shepard and leads the way. Without a Shepard, a lamb would be lost. Ink by Bill at Sids Tattoo artwork by Corinne you can view a stop motion video of me getting them done here
PeLLe Contro PeLLe pt.II* Quando si è

black star tattoos on feet

Quando si è sia fotografe che modelle =P La mia Rimmel Così come la vedo io. Tempo di merda, ma conpagnia MERAVIGLIOSA!

blogspot feet

Michigan. Coordinates of my

both feet tattoos

Coordinates of my two second homes in Michigan and where my parent's were born and raised. Middleville <3 Manistee Dad loves Mom. It's faded a lot from the constant rubbing from my shoes. Inked by Eric at Liberty Tattoo Atlanta, Georgia
Deepa_ Bridal_henna.JPG www.akiyohenna.com

bridal tattoos for feet


Three random tattoo ideas

tatuagem patinhas tribal no pe TARZIA TATTOO -

tatuagens de patinhas

TARZIA TATTOO - TATUAGEM & PIERCING - GUAIANASES - SÃO PAULO/SP - ERICK TARZIA - VEJA MAIS FOTOS E DESENHOS PARA TATUAGEM ACESSANDO O SITE: www.tarzia-tattoo.com ou dúvidas através do E-MAIL: erick@tarzia-tattoo.com e MSN: tarzia-tattoo@hotmail.com
Roby G's Art (Fateless Tattoo) This beautiful piece

lady tattoos

This beautiful piece of art is created by Roby G ~ a young, fun-loving and talented artist currently based in London. Part of his works can be seen in www.flickr.com/photos/39734006@N00/sets/ It's an honour to collaborate with him in his amazing and wonderful creation. Model is styled and photographed by fateless_gypsy