Feet - Tattoowise

Red Shoes Model: Chiara Il

tattoos on feet and legs

Model: Chiara Il progetto realizzato con Dottormoro e Wanderingabovetheocean www.myspace.com/traccedinchiostro L'obiettivo è quello di stravolgere il ritratto classico cercando di rappresentare una persona escludendo i suoi tratti fisici normalmente essenziali nel ritratto e concentrandosi su qualcosa che rende la persona forse ancora più unica del suo sguardo: i tatuaggi Our objective is to destroy traditional portraits rules trying to show people's character trough something special that make them unique: the tattoo
3/52 - Slow Down I woke up

turtle tattoos for feet

I woke up this week feeling like time was running out... I'm running this race not being prepared physically nor mentally. The turtle tells me to breathe... i'm breathing, i'm taking a break. Slow down White Rabbit, 'dear, oh dear, it's ok if you shall be late'
DSC_2362 - Kleio Valentine The charming Kleio

hot foot tattoos on both feet

The charming Kleio Valentine posing at the Burning Angel booth.
there's a little place I know -05 Model: Patrizia

Please, visit

nice feet

Model: Patrizia Please, visit and join my group on Flickr - NICE FEELINGS - www.flickr.com/groups/nice_feelings/
Tattoo and feet... A little creepy.

shoes feet of stars

A little creepy.
Lovely Springtime 5/6/2012, I decided

black cute feet

5/6/2012, I decided to do a photoshoot with a beautiful readhead model we will call "Jen" to protect her identity and privacy. She wears stylish high heels and shoes, and she is a fantastic model with a lot of talent and skill. "Jen" has many fantastic poses which I liked. We took some shots outdoors late in the afternoon. I particularly like some of the shots where I really try and use the lighting and my brand new 50 mm lens at 1.8... I finally got to do a lot with blurry backgrounds this afternoon. My objective was to take advantage of my new lens to get the blurry background effect. In the end, I used the lighting in this really cool park. If you like this set, you may also like this photo: www.flickr.com/photos/27127986@N03/5163885331/ I did a great photoshoot with a beautiful model named Anna who is very attractive. Also, there is a really good, growing Flickr group named
Sexy Woman Barefoot Playing with a Lamp If you notice

lamp feet tattoo

If you notice their is a tattoo above her left ankle.

Three random tattoo ideas

Mom's Tattoo's #2 and #3 My mom got

vine of life tattoos

My mom got "Hannah", my sister's name first, then got the Tinkerbell, which will eventually be holding a vine connecting to Hannah's vines. Hannah and vine done by Fenton at Underground Ink, Tinkerbell done by Annette Darosa
Infinitoo 2 Created using the

gallery gimp

Created using the mathmap plugin for The GIMP Incredible stuff can be seen here: www.flickr.com/groups/40193487@N00/ and here: www.flickr.com/groups/escherdroste/ The code was foud in the great tutorial by Pisco Bandido ( www.flickr.com/photos/joshsommers/ ) Check out his amazing work! The Escher-math was "cracked" by Scientists @ Leiden University, the Netherlands ( escherdroste.math.leidenuniv.nl/ )