Feet - Tattoowise

Red Shoes Model: Chiara Il

tattoos on feet and legs

Model: Chiara Il progetto realizzato con Dottormoro e Wanderingabovetheocean www.myspace.com/traccedinchiostro L'obiettivo è quello di stravolgere il ritratto classico cercando di rappresentare una persona escludendo i suoi tratti fisici normalmente essenziali nel ritratto e concentrandosi su qualcosa che rende la persona forse ancora più unica del suo sguardo: i tatuaggi Our objective is to destroy traditional portraits rules trying to show people's character trough something special that make them unique: the tattoo
3/52 - Slow Down I woke up

turtle tattoos for feet

I woke up this week feeling like time was running out... I'm running this race not being prepared physically nor mentally. The turtle tells me to breathe... i'm breathing, i'm taking a break. Slow down White Rabbit, 'dear, oh dear, it's ok if you shall be late'
DSC_2362 - Kleio Valentine The charming Kleio

hot foot tattoos on both feet

The charming Kleio Valentine posing at the Burning Angel booth.
there's a little place I know -05 Model: Patrizia

Please, visit

nice feet

Model: Patrizia Please, visit and join my group on Flickr - NICE FEELINGS - www.flickr.com/groups/nice_feelings/
Tattoo and feet... A little creepy.

shoes feet of stars

A little creepy.
Lovely Springtime 5/6/2012, I decided

black cute feet

5/6/2012, I decided to do a photoshoot with a beautiful readhead model we will call "Jen" to protect her identity and privacy. She wears stylish high heels and shoes, and she is a fantastic model with a lot of talent and skill. "Jen" has many fantastic poses which I liked. We took some shots outdoors late in the afternoon. I particularly like some of the shots where I really try and use the lighting and my brand new 50 mm lens at 1.8... I finally got to do a lot with blurry backgrounds this afternoon. My objective was to take advantage of my new lens to get the blurry background effect. In the end, I used the lighting in this really cool park. If you like this set, you may also like this photo: www.flickr.com/photos/27127986@N03/5163885331/ I did a great photoshoot with a beautiful model named Anna who is very attractive. Also, there is a really good, growing Flickr group named
Sexy Woman Barefoot Playing with a Lamp If you notice

lamp feet tattoo

If you notice their is a tattoo above her left ankle.

Three random tattoo ideas

MV Studio Shoot Asian Thai Models School Girls Lingerie 2010 MV Studio Shoot

tattoo lia

MV Studio Shoot Asian Thai Models School Girls Lingerie 2010 www.modelvanity.com
Music and tattoos by Beto Munoz Of Monkeyproink.com Tattoo by Beto

music speaker tattoos

Tattoo by Beto Munoz Of Monkeyproink.com. Please go and check out more of Beto Munoz work on MONKEYPROINK.COM