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Henna feet I couldn't resist

tattoo pattern for feet

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this newlywed's beautiful feet.
Prenatal Henna: January 2011 Henna: Sumeyya [www.hennacraze.com]

temporary henna tatoos feet

Henna: Sumeyya [www.hennacraze.com]
Something Special So long Summer!

vintage feet tattoo

So long Summer! We'll meet again next year! :D "More than I hoped for More than I dreamed of This is how it should be. Days go by and I'll grow stronger It takes time, but I'll never let go Days go by and I'll try harder to make it mine, I know."
shoe marathon with the realization

home feet gallery

with the realization that i have far too many pairs of shoes, i have decided that i will attempt to wear a different pair every day until i either run out of pairs, or get sick of this idea.
Electric Feet New Chucks &

feet and sneakers gallery

New Chucks & Tattoo
Freehand henna hmmm.. was trying

gallery henna hand and feet

hmmm.. was trying something out, if I had a model to try this on it could have turned out better lol!

Three random tattoo ideas

Strong Words I'm not really

thai naga tattoo

I'm not really sure if this man is this child's coach or his father. However, I must say he was the most supportive parent for this sweet and sensitive child. He was attentive and loving to this boy. It was beautitiful to see.
Wing Tattoo Black and gray

new jersey tattoos

Black and gray back wings tattoo.